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Cris Ferregur talks about SDI; predicting demand in an unpredictable world; the power of data; & finding the balance between new technologies & legacy systems.

378: Achieve 360° Supply Chain Visibility for Greater Control and Optimization, with SDI

Today I’m joined by SDI, a digital supply chain brand whose people, processes, and technology have enabled the world’s most efficient supply chains for ...

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Don Hicks talks about Optilogic & what they do; answering the supply chain 'what-ifs'; & finding the perfect balance between cost, service, risk and ESG goals.
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376: See The Future Of Your Supply Chain, with Optilogic

Today I’m joined by Optilogic, a forward-thinking supply chain ...
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Bill Benton talks about GAINS; how supply chain decision-making has changed; the impact of machine learning & AI; and committing to democratizing supply chain.
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374: Achieve Supply Chain Optimization In Record Time, with GAINS

Today I’m joined by GAINS, a long-standing supply chain ...
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Let's Talk Supply Chain Podcast 1
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370: Achieve True Supply Chain Visibility, with Beacon Technologies

Today I’m joined by forward-thinking tech company Beacon Technologies – ...
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Let's Talk Supply Chain Podcast 2
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369: From Chaos To Clarity: Simplifying Global Customs Compliance

Last week on episode one of our brand new ...
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Pete Gowanlock talks about KNNX; the benefits of blockchain; technology & collaboration; and solving the challenge of visibility and information sharing.
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368: Harness The Power Of Blockchain To Transform Your Supply Chain, with KNNX

Today I’m joined by market-leading tech company KNNX, formally ...
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The panel discuss what women have to think about vs men; societal expectations; the impact of bias and stereotypes; and how we can create safe spaces for all.
Diversity and Inclusion (blended)

366: Blended – Leveling The Playing Field: What Women Have To Think About Vs Men

Welcome back to Blended! It’s episode 37, I’m joined ...
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