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303: Driving Your Parcel Performance: Better Performance

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could predict the future? Well, with Sifted, you kinda can… We wrapped up our first mini-series with Sifted a …

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Jeremy Lee from Sifted talks contract monitoring with Let's Talk Supply Chain.
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301: Driving Your Parcel Performance: Contract Monitoring

You asked, and we are delivering – with another brand new mini-series, featuring the logistics expert, tech innovator and firm Let’s Talk Supply Chain favorite… …

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Supply chain horror stories on Let's Talk Supply Chain.
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300: Halloween Special: Supply Chain Horror Stories!

Halloween is a notoriously scary time, and what could be more spooky than hearing about some of the nightmares that have befallen supply chain professionals? …

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Jason Murray from Shipium talks ecommerce on Let's Talk Supply Chain.
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299: Modernize Your Ecommerce Supply Chain, with Shipium

Today I’m joined by Shipium, a powerhouse logistics tech company who are on a mission to modernize the ecommerce supply chain, and help you turn …

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The panel on Blended talks acceptance vs inclusion.
Diversity and Inclusion (blended)

298: Blended – Acceptance vs Inclusion – What’s The Difference?

It’s episode 25 of Blended: I’m joined by another fantastic panel of guests and, today, we’re talking about acceptance, inclusion, and what the difference is …

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297: Make Smarter Packing Decisions, with Paccurate

Today I’m joined by Paccurate, a forward-thinking logistics tech brand that is on a mission to make shipping more sustainable for your business, and the …

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295: Women In Supply Chain, Naomi Sylvian

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain, I’m joined by one of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain family – a woman who is helping …

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