Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ AsiaPac – Technology in Supply Chains Series EP#1

Join Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ host, Jonathan Kempe, in a weekly, ten part series, on Technology in Supply Chains. From AI to NLP, IoT to Cybersecurity: We’ll explore a wide variety of supply chain technologies, and hear from industry luminaries, practitioners, vendors and suppliers about how these technologies transform, predict, correct, secure and increase the visibility of cargo at rest and in transit.

Part 1 covers the ‘Foundational Methodologies’ you should employ when you consider, evaluate and implement supply chain technologies. 
Jonathan covers:

1. Being specific about business needs, risks, liabilities and profitability
2. Assessing technology through a contextually-aligned business-centric lens
3. Ensuring that the *problem* drives the *solution*
4. Pertinent examples for Warehouse Management and Digital Forwarding
5. A simple yet powerful methodology to employ as you speak with vendors/suppliers

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