333: Make Ocean Visibility Simple, with Gatehouse Maritime

Today I’m joined by GateHouse Maritime, a market-leading ocean tech brand that is using its expertise and deep industry knowledge to make ocean visibility simple.

GateHouse Maritime delivers next-generation data insights for end-to-end ocean visibility. Founded in 1992, they help global supply chains, offshore industries, maritime providers and surveillance companies gain easy access to ocean data insights for resilient operations, value to end-customers and efficient, safe navigation for a profitable business.

Today Morten Bols, Market Development Director at GateHouse Maritime, joins me to chat all about the company; the power of good data; using technology to support sustainability; and their vision to optimize supply chains, and change the working lives of freight forwarders and visibility providers.




[06.53] An overview of the challenges for Gatehouse in the current climate, and for the maritime industry.

[08.04] An introduction to GateHouse Maritime – who they are, what they do and how they help their customers.

“We’ve been tracking vessels for more than 20 years, we have a lot of history and a lot of data.”

[08.44] How Gatehouse helps to keep freight moving and tackle disruption; how technology is rapidly changing, as organizations try to keep up; and Morten’s vision for optimizing supply chains and changing the lives of freight forwarders and visibility providers.

“What’s important is that you try to plan better! The industry hasn’t done that, and is still struggling to do it. The industry is struggling to work with technology and optimize the options they have available.”

[10.56] Gatehouse’s tracking product OceanIO, its benefits, and how clients use it.

“If you don’t have any tracking, you trust the carriers. And it’s not to say that all carriers are bad, but many are missing key components and key milestones to do this.”

[12.19] A closer look at Gatehouse’s port intelligence solution, why it’s so unique in the market, and the 20 years’ worth of data and detailed port surveillance that sits behind the product.

[15.24] The wide breadth of industries that can work with Gatehouse Maritime.

“There’s so many people to work with, and that’s so exciting!”

[16.20] Why Gatehouse doesn’t offer user platforms, and focus on what they’re good at – the data.

[17.26] The ideal client for Gatehouse Maritime.

[18.56] A closer look at onboarding and integration with Gatehouse.

[20.18] Why sustainability is a key pillar at Gatehouse, and how they’re helping the industry meet key ESG goals.

[21.34] Why Morten enjoys surprising industry brands with Gatehouse’s robust solutions.

[23.53] The future for Gatehouse Maritime.




Head over to Gatehouse Maritime’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Gatehouse Maritime and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Vimeo, or you can connect with Morten on LinkedIn.

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