185: Chart a Course for Shipping Success

Today I’m delighted to be joined by Cusack and Co, an innovative maritime law firm who are building a much-needed space for likeminded individuals and companies to do law differently.

As top carriers continue to merge, shippers need personalised ocean carriage contracts to protect their businesses, now more than ever. So Cusack and Co, led by the dynamic and inimitable Alison Cusack, provide a range of both proactive and reactive services to help shippers compete and stay protected in a global market.

Today Alison, Founder and Principal Lawyer, joins me to chat all about exactly what Cusack and Co do, the importance of empowering shippers and of driving better business.



[05.53] Alison’s background, her passion for maritime law and why she founded Cusack and Co.

“You see the engine room of the world’s economy when you work with cargo ships.”

[12.51] A closer look at exactly what Cusack and Co do and its ideal customer.

[20.20] How Cusack and Co makes legal services accessible, through affordability and transparency.

“I’m a lot cheaper than one wrong shipment!”

[25.09] Why Alison designed the CLAMs claim bot system, and what it means for an SME’s typical claims process.

[32.02] The importance of WISTA, Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association, and why the industry needs to make some changes to better embrace equality.

“The industry isn’t evolving fast enough to give women the space and opportunity to shine – and our industry is only as amazing as our people.”

[39.21] Case study: how Cusack and Co helped a customer to swiftly lift a cargo lien and get back to business.

[43.14] The future for Alison, and for Cusack and Co.



Head over to Cusack and Co’s website to find out more and discover how they could help you too. And, get 10% off with our totally exclusive discount code, only for Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ listeners: Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ 10

Connect with Alison on LinkedIn, or follow Cusack and Co on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or find them on Clubhouse @shippinglawyer.

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