Shannon Hamilton of Blackberry Radar is on Let's Talk Supply Chain.

322: Innovative Asset Tracking Made Easy, with Blackberry Radar

Today I’m joined by BlackBerry Radar, a logistics technology brand that delivers asset monitoring, engineered for intelligence, and designed to solve for your most common transportation challenges.

Launched in 2016, BlackBerry Radar is an intelligent, secure and user-friendly asset tracking and monitoring solution. It provides reliable industry-leading visibility into a range of fleet assets, including trailers, flatbeds, chassis and intermodal containers, utilizing device hardware, a secure communications network, and a dynamic cloud platform.

Today Shannon Hamilton, Vice President of Blackberry Radar Sales, joins me to chat all about the brand and what they do; pioneering the future of hyperconnectivity; making the complex simple; and leveraging real-time insights to deliver better, and faster, customer service.




[06.03] How the transportation industry’s challenges have evolved, the landscape of the industry in a post-pandemic environment, and the key focus areas for logistics businesses.

“Coming out of the pandemic we’ve seen a bit of a slowdown, so now it’s really about assessing and right-sizing your fleet, and making better financial decisions about where you’re investing in those assets.”

[07.36] An overview of Blackberry Radar – what they do and how they help their customers.

“Everybody knew Blackberry, back when it was their favorite handset, but most people don’t know what we’re doing today… We’ve been using all of our Intellectual Property, and including all of the design capabilities of building handset software, but now we’re building devices for the transportation industry.”

[09.21] A closer look at the Radar device itself, what it does, and how and where it can be installed.

“Marrying both the physical location with the inside of that piece of equipment is really enabling next-level efficiency.”

[12.12] From helping to reduce empty miles to improved maintenance efficiency, the benefits of installing BlackBerry Radar in your trailers.

[16.49] The most efficient ways to mitigate risk, the importance of good data, and how Blackberry Radar can help.

“Mitigating risk is really about having the information in a usable way, that can improve the way you make decisions. The quality of your decisions is really based on the data that you have – if you have good data, you make good decisions.”

[18.59] The challenges within intermodal and how Blackberry Radar can help with a range of issues from displacement and theft to next-level visibility.

[23.43] A closer look at what reporting, data and customization looks like with Blackberry Radar.

“Every business has different business rules and different logic that they’re working towards. So all of those events can be customized so you’re making use of that information in the best possible way.”

[25.42] The ideal client for Blackberry Radar.

[26.19] A case study showing how Blackberry Radar helped a key client to better utilize existing equipment instead of regularly invest in new assets, ultimately resulting in a vast reduction of capital investment, reduction in maintenance, creation of new revenue streams and enhanced customer experience.

[30.11] The future for BlackBerry Raday.




Head over to Blackberry Radar’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Blackberry Radar and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Shannon on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear more from Shannon, check out her blog for our Women In Supply Chain™ series, where she shares more about her career journey, who inspires her and her experience as a woman in a historically male-dominated industry.

This episode was filmed onsite at Manifest. Look out for more incredible content from the show – coming soon!

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