Coby Nilsson from Enveyo talks with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey on Let's Talk Supply Chain.

327: Turn Your Shipping Process Into a Competitive Advantage, with Enveyo

Today I’m joined by Enveyo, an innovative logistics software brand that wants to optimize every aspect of a business’s shipping operations, with solutions that leverage enterprise-level technology and big data experience to empower organizations to make business-transforming shipping decisions.

Enveyo is transforming the way technology drives logistics. As the only parcel TMS provider enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility, from shipping analytics and automation to customer delivery experience management, organizations are optimizing their shipping operations with Enveyo’s cloud-based suite of solutions.

Today Coby Nilsson, CEO and co-founder of Enveyo, joins me to chat all about the company and what they do; letting the data tell the story; the importance of predictive analysis to the future of logistics; and finding the balance between cost reduction and customer satisfaction.



[06.17] Coby’s career journey and his passion for technology.

“I’m a psych major who spent my entire career in technology… I have a passion for solving problems.”

[09.31] How Coby’s experience at Adobe inspired him to found Enveyo, the challenges he saw in the market – and why those challenges haven’t really changed.

“I ran global integrations, so we were measuring all the micro transactions… brands knew everything that was happening prior to purchase, but when you’ve bought it, it goes into the abyss… so brands wanted us to stitch that together.”

[13.10] An overview of Enveyo – what they do and how they help their customers.

“The underlying challenge for all of these organizations is the data.”

[13.51] An introduction to Insights, one of Enveyo’s five core solutions, the role of visibility, and what it means to Enveyo.

“What visibility means to me is bringing the data all together in a consolidated platform, and then allowing you, as a customer, to consume that data in ways that you want.”

[16.06] A closer look at Cloudroute, Enveyo’s innovative TMS software.

“Once you understand what’s happening and you have the data in one place, you can identify areas of opportunity.”

[18.13] Coby’s perspective on the ‘Excel epidemic’ and why businesses should be using technology systems like Enveyo instead.

“Excel is so ubiquitous, it’s a very powerful application but it starts to break down when you hit critical mass of data.”

[22.27] An introduction to Modeling, and the power of predictive analysis and data-driven decision-making.

“You start with Insights, then you see some opportunities. But before you want to pull the trigger on orchestration, test it out. Run a scenario and see if it’s going to have the impact you expect.”

[24.08] A closer look at Enveyo’s Alerting solution, its role as the communication bridge with the customer and how it can help to improve customer experience.

[25.49] The ideal client for Enveyo.

[27.27] A case study showing how Enveyo’s modeling solution helped a key customer to make strategic decisions around their carrier choice and distribution center, ultimately helping them to save 16% on shipping costs and grow by 31%.

[30.59] The future for Enveyo.




Head over to Enveyo’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Enveyo and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, or you can connect with Coby on LinkedIn.

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