Amy Leachman of Delivery Solutions talks about the brand & what they do; ecommerce & the importance of omnichannel; and provider and solution diversification.

403: Unify Your Retail Experience, with Delivery Solutions

Today I’m joined by Delivery Solutions, an omnichannel e-commerce brand with an admirable mission. They envision a world where online and offline customer experiences merge; where brands interact with shoppers in novel ways and escape their limitations to provide smooth customer experiences – without disruption.

Delivery Solutions’ suite of omnichannel experience products, for everything after the sale, helps enterprise retailers scale with flexible options that boost savings and brand loyalty. Designed with customer experience in mind, their system provides retailers with unprecedented insight into efficiency gaps, AI-powered analytics, and access to new revenue streams.

Today Amy Leachman, Director of Enterprise Accounts at Delivery Solutions, joins me to talk all about the brand and what they do; the landscape of e-commerce, and the growing importance of omnichannel strategies; why diversification, of providers and solutions, is vital; and finding the balance between customer experience, cost, and sustainability.

Guest bio:

Amy Leachman is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in the retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and publishing industries. As the Director of Enterprise Accounts at Delivery Solutions, Amy leads a dynamic team responsible for managing over 30 retail accounts and driving strategic growth within the organization. With a track record of success, Amy brings a wealth of experience to her role. Before joining Delivery Solutions, she held senior leadership positions at prominent companies such as Shipt (acquired by Target), where she spearheaded the development of Shipt’s last-mile delivery program. During the pandemic, Amy played a pivotal role in ensuring the timely delivery of essential items, including CVS prescriptions, Best Buy small appliances, and Total Wine alcohol deliveries were successful. During her time at Shipt, Amy was able to work alongside the Delivery Solution founders to understand the technology and co-launch partnerships together. She demonstrated her ability to navigate challenging circumstances with resilience and innovation. Amy has held positions at Fuzzy Pet Health and Time Inc.’s brands Coastal Living and Southern Living. Before her corporate endeavors, Amy excelled as a Division 1 track athlete, showcasing her dedication and discipline. As a fun fact, Amy was once a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen stunt double. Amy’s unique combination of strategic vision, industry knowledge, and leadership skills make her an invaluable asset to Delivery Solutions. Her passion for using technology to solve complex problems sets her apart, providing the innovative direction that retailers need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. With Amy at the helm, Delivery Solutions is well-positioned to drive continued success and deliver exceptional value to its clients.




[07.58] How, and why, the e-commerce market has evolved so rapidly over the last few years; and the landscape of the industry in 2024.

“COVID really shaped or accelerated the business… the need for last mile delivery, and how we think about true retail operations and technologies, has really morphed over the last four years.”

[11.13] The challenges and opportunities that retailers are facing in the current climate; and the importance of keeping a close eye on cost and control.

“COVID rushed everyone to say ‘I need to integrate here, there and everywhere!’ So, looking at your tech stack, you then have 9, 10 different integrations for everything post-click. How do we simplify that – the cost and the maintenance it takes to uphold all of those API integrations – as well as keep the control?”

[12.31] An overview of Delivery Solutions – who they are, what they do, and how they help their customers.

“Delivery Solutions is a seamless omnichannel experience for everything post-purchase.”

[16.34] Amy’s background; how she moved from delivery service provider to technology solution provider; and why she’s so passionate about the retail industry.

[18.36] The ideal client for Delivery Solutions.

[19.35] The importance of Delivery Service Provider (DSP) diversification; and how Delivery Solutions is helping customers to successfully manage their DSPs.

“When you have different delivery partners across the board, not all of them will have the same value prop… each is going to provide a different technology solution, coverage, what they will and won’t do… It’s very important to diversify in order to make sure you’re choosing the most cost-effective providers, and those that are hitting the right KPIs.”

[23.43] What the diversification of delivery options means for clients, customers, and the industry; and how collaboration allows all partners to achieve shared success.

“It’s coming together to simplify omnichannel, and to say: “we’re all in this together.” We want to work with the delivery partners, with the shipping carriers; we want to make sure the communication is clean, concise and proactive. Because, the more the customer is buying and the more opportunities they have to interact with the brand, the more we all win together.”

[26.33] How the Delivery Solutions team is helping clients to manage the balance between customer demand and expectation, and demanding sustainability goals.

[28.48] A case study showing how Delivery Solutions helped a large retailer to drastically reduce its integrations – simplifying its tech stack, reducing costs, and increasing order volumes by 35%.

[32.19] A closer look at onboarding and implementation, and how Delivery Solutions work with clients.

[35.29] How Delivery Solutions use AI and machine learning to boost customer experience, improve communication, and help retailers make informed decisions for themselves.

[37.51] The future for Delivery Solutions; and the omnichannel trends we should be looking out for in 2024 and 2025.

“Retailers are going to continue to meet customers where they are, based on their buying habits and the ever-evolving technology solutions they can provide them.”



Head over to Delivery Solution’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Delivery Solutions and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Facebook, or you can connect with Amy on LinkedIn.

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