Katie Malakhov & Alex Jobin talk about RELEX; the current challenges in retail supply chain; and putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

383: Transform Your Supply Chain and Retail Planning, with RELEX Solutions

Today I’m joined by RELEX Solutions, an innovative tech brand who’s unified supply chain and retail planning platform helps retailers and consumer brands sell more and waste less.

RELEX helps retailers and consumer brands drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels, by maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing operative costs. Its platform helps companies align and optimize demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain.

Today Katie Malakhov, Vice President of Professional Services, joins me to talk all about her recent Women In Supply Chain™ award win; her experiences as a woman in the industry; and her career journey. Then she will be joined by Alex Jobin, Lead Solution Principal, to talk about RELEX and what they do; the current challenges in retail supply chain; and putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do.


Guest Bio:

With over a decade of dedicated experience driving successful supply chain implementations, Katie Malakhov is committed to excellence and results. Katie is a dynamic leader serving as the Vice President of Professional Services at RELEX Solutions, responsible for leading the Americas implementations. Prior to RELEX, she led implementations for CH Robinson for six years. Over the last decade, she has led over 75 successful implementations. Katie is passionate about diversity in supply chain and champions a Women at RELEX employee resource group and serves as a 1:1 mentor at RELEX, guiding women on how to advocate for yourself.

Guest Bio:

Alex Jobin is an accomplished Lead Solution Principal at RELEX Solutions, where he leads the solution principal team in the expansion of the company’s innovative supply chain solutions across the Americas. As a key member of the solution principal team, Alex is dedicated to enlightening prospective RELEX clients on the transformative potential of the company’s offerings, empowering them to enhance their day-to-day operations and achieve massive value. Alex began his career at Target’s Minneapolis headquarters where he built a solid foundation in supply chain management. His passion for optimizing supply chain processes led him to join RELEX Solutions, where he has successfully implemented cutting-edge solutions for a diverse range of clients.




[06.42] An introduction to Alex and Katie.

[07.16] Katie’s recent “Women In Supply Chain™” award, her experience of the awards event, and what it means to her to be honored.

[08.30] Katie’s background, and how she found supply chain.

“I fell into it by chance, but once you get into supply chain, it’s this multi-faceted problem that’s always evolving and keeps you on your toes – it’s hard to leave such a fascinating industry.”

[10.00] Katie’s experience as a woman in the industry.

[12.10] From mentorship to a dedicated women’s program, the different ways that RELEX supports women and elevates their voices.

[13.48] Alex’s experience of working with Katie, and benefitting from her mentorship.

[14.39] Katie’s advice for women in the industry, and for organizations looking to create more supportive, diverse workplaces.

“Advocate for yourself… and find the right fit.”

[18.29] The landscape of retail supply chain, and the challenges that organizations are facing across the industry.

“Companies are facing a changing customer mindset… one of the biggest things in retail right now is omnichannel, the ability to get product where you want it, how you want it, when you want it. And that makes it very complex for retailers.”

[20.30] An introduction to RELEX and what they do.

[21.48] A closer look at RELEX’s demand planning software, and how it’s creating impactful results for clients.

“Our solution uses machine learning and AI to understand all aspects of customer demand… which allows us to achieve 99% forecast accuracy and up to 85% reduction in stock-outs.”

[23.46] How RELEX’s fulfilment solution supports and enhances demand planning.

“You can have the best forecast in the world, but if you can’t replenish to that demand, it has no meaning!”

[27.43] The ideal client for RELEX.

[29.24] A case study showing how RELEX helped a large European grocer maintain stock availability and ease the burden for overworked staff, by achieving a 24% reduction in food waste and helping analysts to become 30% more efficient.

[31.37] The environmental impact of retail supply chain, and the importance of sustainability.

“Retail is incredibly inefficient, 8-10% of all greenhouse gases are due to retail… We can help create anywhere between 10-40% reduction in spoilage. That’s a massive impact.”

[34.21] The future for RELEX.




Head over to RELEX’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with RELEX and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or X (Twitter) or you can connect with Katie or Alex on LinkedIn.

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