Yifat Baror & Padhu Raman of Osa Commerce talk about AI & data; the importance of collaboration, connectivity & communication; & the challenges with visibility.

394: Be Agile, Decrease Costs, and Improve Supply Chain Accuracy, with Osa Commerce

Today I’m joined by Osa Commerce, an innovative technology company that is on a mission to tackle data chaos.

Osa specializes in connecting, unifying, and automating commerce operations for retailers, logistics providers, and their customers. With their advanced AI-powered Collaborative Visibility Platform and intelligent decision-making capabilities, Osa power supply chains to sell wherever their customers are, so they can focus on scalable growth – and be one step ahead.

Today Yifat Baror, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, and Padhu Raman, co-founder and CEO at Osa, join me to talk all about AI and data, and how to harness them to help your organization put a stop to supply chain chaos. We’re going to dive into the big challenges when it comes to data and AI; the three “C’s” and how important they are in overcoming those challenges; and why brands need to move from a reactive to a proactive approach to their supply chains.




[07.11] An introduction to Yifat and Padhu, their backgrounds, and the experience they bring to Osa.

“My background is in retail… and, through that, I felt firsthand the pain points of supply chain and omnichannel. That’s how I ended up trying to figure out the best path for retailers and brands to do better in this space.” Yifat

[08.36] An introduction to Osa Commerce, what they do, and how they help their customers.

[09.10] Why so many organizations are still struggling to achieve visibility over their supply chains.

“People invest a lot in technologies to solve different aspects of the supply chain, but they haven’t figured out that those technologies really need to talk to each other!” Yifat

[10.21] Why supply chain organizations are allegedly spending 3.1 trillion dollars on bad data, and how Osa is tackling those challenges by creating collaborative and connected environments for their clients.

“Everybody tried to solve different problems at different points in time and data became siloed… ultimately you’re able to better make decisions when you’re breaking open those siloes and connecting them in one ecosystem.” Padhu

[11.46] From the difference between proprietary and third-party data to accuracy, the biggest challenges with AI right now.

“AI is all about looking at the data over a period of time, both historic and current, and thinking from a futuristic perspective… but unless you have the right data quality, it’s very difficult.” Padhu

[13.05] The importance of connectivity, and why so many organizations don’t understand that it’s actually their first step to success.

[14.03] The current concerns around cybersecurity and organizations having too many systems at play, and how brands can tackle those issues by improving integrations and controlling visibility.

[15.35] What communication means to Osa, and its role as one of the all-important “three C’s.”

[17.00] The importance of collaboration, and how technology can help to ensure success.

“If we’re really trying to find solutions, we’re going to have to collaborate. And when you have agnostic technologies that can work together to provide a great outcome for the end consumer, that’s the goal!” Yifat

[18.12] How AI connects the “three C’s” – connectivity, communication, and collaboration – and drives success.

[18.52] The current challenges within e-commerce, where collaborative visibility fits in, and how it can help solve key issues around demand forecasting, last mile, and inventory.

[20.46] A case study showing how Osa helped a large furniture retailer with real-time tracking across the product journey, reducing cost, increasing revenue and ultimately improving the customer experience by 65%.

[23.06] From efficiency to resilience, what organizations should be thinking about in 2024.

[23.54] The future for Osa.




Head over to Osa Commerce’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Osa and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or X (Twitter) or you can connect with Yifat or Padhu on LinkedIn.

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