Peter Cyr of OneRail talks about the final mile, its evolution, diversifying carrier networks, & how OneRail are helping customers to achieve 100% visibility.

393: Get 100% Visibility Over Your Final Mile, with OneRail

Today I’m joined by award-winning supply chain brand OneRail.

OneRail is a leading omnichannel fulfillment solution, pairing best-in-class software with logistics as a service, to provide dependability and speed to help businesses meet their delivery promise. With a real-time connected network of 12 million drivers, OneRail matches the right vehicle for the right delivery so brands lower expenses and increase capacity to rapidly scale their businesses.

Today Peter Cyr, Senior Vice President of Logistics Optimization and Procurement at OneRail, joins me to talk all about the final mile. We’re going to dive into how it’s evolved over the last five years, and the role the pandemic has played in that evolution; what the final mile looks like now, and the customer expectations that are shaping that picture; why organizations should be diversifying their carrier networks; and how OneRail are helping customers to achieve 100% visibility, and reduce shipping time and cost, for a responsive customer experience.

Guest bio:

Peter has spent his career working in various logistics roles; as a Carrier while at leading 3PL CH Robinson, as an Operator while at Land O’ Lakes, as a Retailer leading global procurement and optimization at Target, and in the tech connected logistics space, leading the network build out at Point Pickup and most recently as Head of Global Sales at Transfix.




[07.05] An introduction to Peter, his background, and the transition that led him to logistics technology.

“I started out before logistics and supply chain became cool!”

[08.44] An overview of OneRail, what they do, and how they help their customers.

[09.06] The evolution of the final mile, and the three core factors that have helped to lead the industry to where it is now.

“The first component has been consumer behavior, that drives what happens in the economy, and consumers really started wanting things faster, with more visibility and reliability… And what helped enable that was the launch of Uber and Amazon Prime.”

[10.28] With research showing that most supply chain teams have only 6% visibility over their supply chains, the risks inherent in a lack of visibility, and how the final mile is helping to move the needle.

“Without that visibility, how are you able to mitigate risk, plan, make sure that you’re delivering to your customer promises?”

[11.10] What the final mile looks like now, what customers are demanding from retailers, and how those demands are shaping operational strategies.

“Retailers need to know that having next day or same day, you’re able to batch and do some really cool things that drive down cost and increase speed, reliability and consistency – which everyone is really looking for.”

[13.10] The different options available to customers, and why the big and bulky category is changing the last mile game.

[14.46] How organizations should be evaluating their partnerships, and the importance of bringing all groups together in one universal conversation.

“At OneRail, our logistics relationships are as strong as our customer relationships – and they need to be. Because without either or, you really don’t have a business.”

[15.37] The changing landscape of capacity and demand, and how OneRail can help customers to flex.

[16.58] The importance of diversifying your carrier networks, and finding the right mix, when it comes to mitigating risk and gaining greater control and visibility over the final mile.

“We take an approach of 80% technology, 20% human. Because you really need to understand what the customer is trying to solve for.”

[18.51] A case study showing how OneRail helped a key client with their on-demand offering, developing a new SLA around a challenging one-hour delivery need.

[19.59] Peter’s advice for businesses looking to work on their final mile for 2024, and how OneRail works with customers to grow sustainably together.

[21.52] What 2024 is going to bring for the final mile, and the trends to look out for.

[22.57] The future for OneRail.

[23.53] The big topic that will be top of mind for supply chain professionals in 2024.




Head over to OneRail’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with OneRail and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook or X (Twitter) or you can connect with Peter on LinkedIn.

If you want to hear more from OneRail, listen to 349: Deliver a Frictionless Last Mile, with OneRail, in which Bill Catania, Founder and CEO, chats about how and why One Rail was founded and what they do; the challenges and opportunities around capacity; and why OneRail believe that technology can’t change all outcomes – but people can.

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