Martin Hespeler & Graham Burford talk about warehouse management; challenges & opportunities; & how tech is helping logistics providers navigate market forces.

412: Maximize Warehouse Efficiency and Profitability, with CargoWise

Today I’m joined by the leading cloud-based software brand and industry titan, CargoWise.

CargoWise is a single-source, deeply integrated, and truly global platform designed to meet the diverse needs of the logistics industry. From small and medium-sized supply chain providers to multinational freight forwarding operations, CargoWise’s highly flexible and feature-rich system delivers powerful productivity, extensive functionality, comprehensive integration and deep international compliance capabilities.

Today Martin Hespeler, Business Development Executive at CargoWise, and Graham Burford, CEO of AWA Logistics, will be talking to me about global warehouse management. They’ll be telling me all about the traditional approach to warehousing, and why it’s not effective; the challenges and opportunities to be found in our post-pandemic logistics landscape; and the key warehousing trends to look out for. Plus, they’ll be sharing their perspective on the importance of taking a global approach; and how technology is helping logistics providers navigate unpredictable global market forces.


Guest bios:

Martin Hespeler, Business Development Executive at CargoWise. Martin joined WiseTech Global in 2018, bringing over 30 years of experience in solving complex challenges for logistics companies worldwide. He has worked extensively with clients in retail, warehousing, and supply chain sectors, enhancing processes and leveraging advanced enterprise technology to boost efficiency and productivity. A seasoned Business Development Executive, Martin is also the Domain Owner for CargoWise’s global warehouse suite, which features five distinct warehousing modalities tailored to meet the needs of global logistics companies.

Graham Burford, CEO at AWA Logistics. Graham is a seasoned logistics professional with a proven track record at American Worldwide Agencies. With over 25 of experience in the industry in Australia, Asia, and USA leadership positions, Graham has developed a deep understanding of global logistics operations and a keen insight into the intricacies of navigating international supply chains. Throughout his career, Graham has been instrumental in establishing and optimizing logistics networks for companies expanding their reach across the globe. His expertise lies in forging strategic partnerships, streamlining processes, and driving efficiencies to ensure seamless movement of goods from origin to destination. Graham’s commitment to excellence and his passion for innovation have earned him recognition as a trusted leader in the logistics sector. He thrives in dynamic environments, where he leverages his analytical skills and industry knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of his clients. As a forward-thinking professional, Graham remains at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies, constantly seeking opportunities to enhance operations and deliver value to his stakeholders. With a focus on integrity, collaboration, and results, Graham continues to make significant contributions to the success of American Worldwide Agencies.




[08.21] Introductions to Martin and Graham, and their roles at CargoWise and AWA Logistics.

[09.54] The traditional approach to warehousing and how, and why, that approach has evolved.

“The traditional methods are in the rear-view mirror, and we’re moving quite quickly with technology.”

“In years past, people would ask ‘how do I reduce my labor cost?’… Since the pandemic, the conversation has shifted dramatically to ‘how do I optimize?’ because labor is not readily available anymore.”

[13.10] How the pandemic, and other disruptions, have driven change; and a closer look at the current logistics and warehouse management environment.

“The industry has changed, but the labor force has also changed, and that’s the biggest thing we’re seeing with automation. We’re being driven by the labor.”

[15.38] The biggest challenges logistics providers face now, as they balance a rapidly changing market with a dated infrastructure.

“Now, many companies are dealing with the reverse logistics component which has been a nightmare, quite frankly, for decades!”

“One of the big things we’re starting to be managed on is opportunity cost. If we haven’t returned or delivered in a certain KPI, what does that lost opportunity cost? Customers now aren’t just looking at freight spend or delivery cost, they’re looking at the time in transit and what a lost sale is costing them.”

[21.51] The importance of thinking about warehousing from a cross-border perspective and updating the traditional approach so that logistics providers are cross-border adept.

“When you can provide visibility to both the logistics provider and their customer, it’s extremely powerful.”

“We’re starting to see a lot of manufacturers move production to Mexico and other central American countries to get access to this market, and to avoid additional duties and taxes.”

[27.49] How CargoWise is creating a highly integrated and capable global solution; and why thinking on a global scale is crucial.

“It’s all about the data… without data being in a system that can transmit electronically to multiple countries and systems, we can’t move cargo. Having a database and resource that allows us, not only to have that data accessible, but in the correct format to transmit it, is critical.”

[33.10] The importance of market awareness and keeping that global thinking approach, when it comes to sustainable growth and expansion.

[35.57] How CargoWise technology is helping AWA logistics to optimize, stay competitive, and navigate unpredictable global market forces.

“The technology has allowed us to continue to be competitive in the market… it’s really changed us from a manual process… It’s taken out 12 hours of pick time, on one lane, per week… and we’ve cut down our errors by 80%.”

[41.22] How CargoWise has created an effective communication process for AWA Logistics, helping them to expand their business.

[45.55] The key warehouse management trends we should be paying attention to, and Martin and Graham’s advice for organizations as they think about the years ahead.

“Integrated solutions, with centralized data management, is key.”

“You have to be really forward thinking – if you’re not looking for what’s coming next, you’re not with the right provider.”




Head over to CargoWise’s website now to find out more, or download their FREE Global Warehousing eBook. You can also connect with CargoWise and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedInYouTubeX (Twitter) or Facebook, or you can connect with Martin or Graham on LinkedIn.

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