Gene Gander and Amna Shah discuss visibility - what it really means; the challenges and opportunities; tech investments; and how CargoWise can help.

367: Going Beyond Visibility – Unveiling The Invisible

It’s been a while, but we’re back with another exclusive mini-series. And this one is in partnership with one of the industry’s biggest brands – market-leading logistics-industry tech providers, WiseTech Global.

Over the course of our brand new four-part series, we’re going to talk about why optimized and actionable data is more powerful than mere visibility; and why organizations need good data, not lots of data. We’ll be revealing the true cost of compliance; and changing the way we think about risk in logistics. And we’ll be reflecting on the cultural and human challenges that come along with digitization.

Today in Episode 1, Unveiling The Invisible, I’m joined by Gene Gander, General Manager of Global Sales at WiseTech Global, and Amna Shah, Principal and CFO at AHD Consulting, to dive into the complex world of supply chain visibility. What does it mean and why is it so important? What impacts are we seeing on the industry after several years of heavy investment? What are the barriers to achieving true end-to-end visibility? And what exactly is WiseTech and CargoWise doing to tackle those barriers?


Guest Bio:

Gene Gander, General Manager Global Sales, has been with WiseTech Global for over 20 years, specializing in international logistics management, with over 25 years of experience helping clients find and implement technology solutions that add value to their business. Gene previously managed and developed Cargo Products for Official Airline Guides. WiseTech Global is the leading developer and provider of software solutions that put productivity at the center of the world’s supply chain via their CargoWise solution. CargoWise is utilized by 24 of the top 25 global forwarders and 43 of the top 50 global 3PLs in 173 countries and 30 languages. The recent acquisitions of Envase Technologies and Blume Global rounds out the CargoWise ecosystem in the landside logistics element of international logistics. Gene heads a strong and broad global team for new customer acquisition and penetration of the global leading international freight forwarders. Gene holds a Bachelor of Science, Marketing and Management from the University of Northern Iowa.

Guest Bio:

Amna Shah migrated to the U.S. at 16 to pursue the ‘American Dream.’ After falling into accounting and freight forwarding in 1999, she started working with CargoWise in the USA market in 2002. She is now the owner and CFO of AHS Consulting, a Platinum WiseService Partner and Technical Partner with CargoWise. Amna supports a refugee school in Chattanooga, TN and has a school in her name in Karachi, India.




[02.38] An introduction to today’s guests.

[05.05] A closer look at Amna’s company AHS Consulting, her long-standing relationship with WiseTech, and why AHS is a WiseTech and CargoWise partner.

“It’s an archaic industry, to get people out of that mindset takes a long time – but as soon as I saw CargoWise, I thought ‘this is the way to go!’” Amna

[07.42] What supply chain visibility really means, and why it’s so important.

“Visibility is more than knowing where your freight is on a colourful dashboard. It’s intelligent and actionable information… and visibility without execution is just window dressing.” Gene

[11.15] The huge increase in investment in new visibility tools and tech since 2020, the role of the pandemic, and why visibility is the industry’s number one priority.

“Before the pandemic, it was a requirement but nobody wanted to embrace it. Now, the consumer demands it and there’s no way around it. You have to give them the visibility. That’s why there’s a huge investment in this area now.” Amna

[15.26] A closer look at how that increased investment in visibility tech has begun to impact the industry.

“There are two questions people are asking themselves: ‘how can I operate my business better today’ and ‘am I operating better than I did yesterday?’ And people are starting to scrutinize themselves as far as how they’re using this visibility information.” Gene

[21.00] The current challenges and barriers to achieving better visibility within supply chain.

“Change is tough. And the human element can be as challenging as the technical element.” Gene

[27.20] An overview of the solutions that CargoWise is using to break down these barriers for their customers and deliver better visibility across the industry; and how CargoWise brings visibility to an organization’s entire operations, not just freight.

[31.36] The role of machine learning and intelligent analytics within CargoWise, with solutions such as predictive ETA and container automation.

“There’s been a lot of experimental investment in the ever-increasing logtech sector… but it was easy to do that when containers were moving at $20,000 a box. When ocean rates are now at pre-pandemic levels, and maybe even leaner, there’s not a whole lot of appetite for experiments. People are looking for proved ROI that’s going to give value to their customers.” Gene

[33.38] A closer look at the CargoWise workflow and tracking solution, and how automation can help optimize teams and reduce resistance to new tech.

“We believe in making less touches to the same job – streamline everything!” Amna

[37.37] The ideal client for CargoWise.

[40.00] Gene and Amna’s top tip for achieving supply chain visibility.

“You’ve got to decide what your problem is before you decide what your solution is.” Gene



Head over to WiseTech’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with WiseTech and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Facebook and YouTube, or you can connect with Gene on LinkedIn.

You can also find out more about CargoWise on their website, and follow the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, X (Twitter) or YouTube.

Connect with Amna on LinkedIn, and find out more about AHS Consulting on their website, or on LinkedIn.

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