371: Going Beyond Visibility – From Risk to Resilience: How Technology Is Transforming Global Supply chains

Last week on episode two of our mini-series with WiseTech Global, we dove deep into the world of customs and compliance, shedding light on the complexities and intricacies of international regulations. And, as we explored all of those topics, one thing became abundantly clear – there are inherent risks lurking in the shadows.

So, today in episode three, we are continuing that exploration by asking a big question: How should we approach and manage these risks, not just within the compliance landscape, but across every stage of the supply chain?

I’m joined by Nachi Mendelow, VP of Business Development for Africa at CargoWise, and Mohan Dipsingh, President at PositivePC, to answer that big question, and to dive into the lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic; how organizations can start to build resilience into their operations; the role of technology in risk management; and why taking a holistic approach to your supply chain is the key to success.

Guest Bio:

Nachi Mendelow leads the CargoWise Business Development team in Africa and assists companies to digitize their logistical supply chains and harness the power of human potential through effective use of software.

Guest Bio:

Mohan Dipsingh is a supply chain expert, owner and principal consultant at PositivePC, and a Platinum Certified CargoWise Partner. Over the past 15 years, Mohan has provided consulting services to logistics firms across the globe, completing hundreds of implementation and training projects. He provides immense value to his clients due to his vast experience in logistics and technology, with positive outcomes and raving recommendations. Mohan is dedicated to helping clients optimize their business for continuous improvement.




[01.49] An introduction to today’s guests.

[04.04] How the pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in supply chains worldwide, bringing the topic of risk to the fore; and the most significant lessons we learned.

“No-one was prepared! You’ve got to have a risk management plan, but if you don’t test it, how do you know it works?” Mohan

“What was really fascinating to realize during covid was how apt the term ‘global village’ has become, the interconnectedness of people, countries… and how fundamental supply chain is to this global village.” Nachi

[07.18] The different types of working siloes; the inherent risks for companies that continue to operate in silos; and the power to be found in embracing collaboration.

[12.27] From robust escalation processes to creating a culture of ongoing learning, how organizations can build resilience into their supply chain operations in order to adapt, tackle challenges and manage risk and disruption.

“Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover quickly, so it’s really about being ready and able to deal with something that’s not normal… That could be operational, security, compliance – and these are things where we don’t have to wait for an event or a disruption, these are things we know we need to have a plan in place for.” Mohan

“Resilience is really about people. At the heart of resilience is enabling and empowering staff with training, with a deeper understanding of what they’re doing and trying to achieve, so that when the pathway to what they want to achieve is blocked, they can find another way.” Nachi

[18.33] The importance of taking a holistic approach, from bringing different business units together with customers and suppliers, to a focus on global optimization instead of local.

“A holistic approach is the opposite of a siloed approach. It’s a space where there’s communication and visibility… And if we can really align everyone, from the supplier to the buyer, it could unlock great efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.”

[22.09] The strategies that companies should be looking to employ when it comes to assessing and managing risks within their network of trading partners.

[25.36] How technology has evolved to become a critical component of supply chain risk management.

[30.07] Why adopting a single operating platform for end-to-end logistics is crucial for risk identification and mitigation.

“If you have the data early, you can make decisions… having all the data in one place, from an end to end visibility perspective, is what really makes a difference… and that’s where you need a good system that can take all of it, visualize it and give you the decision making tools you need.” Mohan

[33.00] How CargoWise has helped organizations to build resilience into their supply chains, with their robust solutions, strong infrastructure and strategic partnerships.

[39.03] The risks we can all expect to see in 2024.

“Something we need to keep an eye on is regional conflicts, and how that is going to affect freight. Cybersecurity is ongoing, as is inflation.” Mohan

“Complexity is not going down, it’s going up. And as complexity goes up, the question is – how do we respond to that?” Nachi



Head over to WiseTech’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with WiseTech and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Facebook and YouTube, or you can connect with Nachi on LinkedIn.

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Connect with Mohan on LinkedIn, and find out more about Positive PC on their website, or on LinkedIn.

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