Audrey Ross and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey talk about New Year disruptions; high-tech wearables; sustainable resolutions; and how trade finance can empower women.

387: New Year, New Goals in Supply Chain

It’s a brand new year, we have so much going on at Let’s Talk Supply Chain – and it’s safe to say that that there’s a lot going on across the industry as well! I loved getting into it on the very first episode of Thoughts and Coffee for 2024 – and so we’re bringing it to you on Let’s Talk Supply Chain today.

I’m joined by my industry sidekick and trade bestie Audrey Ross to talk about the disruptions already making waves in 2024; the incredible high-tech wearables that can make the workplace a much safer place; incorporating sustainable development goals into your new year’s resolutions; and how trade finance can empower female entrepreneurs.

This is a jam-packed episode of Thoughts and Coffee, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy the best 30 minutes on a Tuesday with me and Audrey.




[08.35] From the most recent podcast episode and Woman In Supply Chain blog, to a brand new collaboration with supply chain software brand RELEX Solutions, an update on what’s happening at Let’s Talk Supply Chain.

[10.21] An introduction to Audrey Ross and what she’s been up to.

[12.39] Sarah and Audrey discuss a recent Let’s Talk Supply Chain poll – “What emoji best describes your 2023?”

[14.29] A market update – Audrey shares her perspective on geopolitical issues impacting supply chain, from issues on the Panama and Suez canals to terrorism and war, and their impact on transit times and visibility.

“Terrorists are firing missiles onto container vessels, trying to disrupt trade, in relation to Israel-Gaza. It’s a huge geopolitical situation, and commercial traffic is being affected.”

[20.14] Sarah and Audrey dive into a recent article about AI and the impact that high-tech wearables can have on workplace safety.

[23.54] How you can make positive new year’s resolutions and make an impact by focusing on a WHO sustainability goal.

“I really want us to stop focusing on what’s wrong with us and what we have to fix, which is what new year’s resolutions are all about…. Let’s turn the focus onto something outside of ourselves.”

[27.47] The shocking amount of waste produced by Canadians at Christmas, and what you can do to make a difference.

“50 kilos of wrapping paper per household! 3,000 tons of foil, 2.6 billion Christmas cards across Cananda go to waste!”

[32.58] Sarah and Audrey share an article discussing export factoring, and how trade finance can empower women to do business on a global scale.

“This is one of the barriers that our entrepreneurs at OWIT face… trade finance is probably the number one issue we talk about and educate on.”

[35.49] An update on upcoming Let’s Talk Supply Chain events.




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