The panel on Blended talks acceptance vs inclusion.

298: Blended – Acceptance vs Inclusion – What’s The Difference?

It’s episode 25 of Blended: I’m joined by another fantastic panel of guests and, today, we’re talking about acceptance, inclusion, and what the difference is between the two.

This is a phrase that we’re hearing more and more, but I’m not sure it’s something that everybody fully understands just yet. There are a lot of misconceptions about exactly what these two terms actually mean and stand for, but ultimately the impact on the people around them is huge. I know you’ve been waiting for us to dive into this, so let’s get to it.

Today, our guests will be exploring exactly what acceptance and inclusion mean; sharing their personal experiences; discussing whether the rise in popularity of the phrase is a good thing or a bad thing; giving us tips on how to spot and foster a healthy environment at work and in our homes.



[1.07] Introduction to the panelists
           [01.08] Audrey Ross
           [01.51] Nate Shalev
           [04.12] Jason Roberts
           [02.59] Gabby Zuniga


[06.23] The group talks about the word inclusion and what it means to each of them.
“Maybe inclusion is the initial word but maybe acceptance is the journey that we need to be on”- Sarah
[10.59] The panel discusses the word inclusion vs. the word acceptance
“Inclusion actually says it doesn’t matter what you think. I’ve got a right to be here because I am who I am in my authentic self.” – Jason
[14.16] The group discusses the negativity around the word inclusion.
  • Breaking down systemic barriers
  • Excluding while trying to be inclusive
  • Does the word inclusion bring out trust?
  • Misunderstanding of the word inclusion
  • Dominant vs. non-dominant groups
  • Is social media really an ally?

[32.13] The panel discusses educating people.

  • D&I
  • How do we get the work done?
  • Creating a more inclusive workplace
  • Who can represent groups?
  • Challenges corporations have representing groups

“It’s a journey that does not have a final destination.”- Gabby

[44.18] Gabby & Jason’s final thoughts as they wrap up their time on the show.
  • Ongoing journey
  • Love
  • Accountability
  • Self Reflection

[49.17] Sarah, Audrey & Nate touch more on education and the words acceptance and inclusion.

  • Representation in the workplace
  • Correlating acceptance to rejection
  • Understand how we are using the words
  • Not letting them become buzzwords
  • Supporting people the way they need to be supported
  • Indicators of inclusion in the workplace
[1.05] Show wrap-up. What should people walk away with, think about or do?
  • Impact as individuals in organizations
  • Using the power and tools you have available
  • Be curious and educate yourself
  • Building Awareness



You can connect with Nate, Audrey, Gabby and Jason over on LinkedIn.

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