179: Blended – The history, the movement, the people

Welcome to the fifth episode of our new show, Blended. Blended is all about opening up conversations and giving the mic to all of the underrepresented voices in our industry – women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of colour, those with disabilities, whether they’re visible or hidden, and many more.

Today in Episode 5, ‘The history, the movement, the people,’ we’re going to be talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, specifically with 2020 in mind; why the movement blew up last year; the support, and lack of support, it received; its commercialization and our panellists reflections.


[03.31] Introductions to our Blended panellists.

  • Len – Co-Founder & CEO at Everlasting Love Fulfilment
  • Al – Global Vice President: Supply Chain and Procurement at PCI Pharma Services
  • Audrey – In house specialist at Orchard Custom Beauty
  • JD – Chief Creative Officer
  • Madison – Enterprise Sales Director at Fairmarkit

“The BLM movement, to me, is bringing attention and awareness to the fact that it’s time for the conversation to stop being so hypothetical – there needs to be action.” Al

[13.18] The impact of George Floyd’s death and the panellists observations.

  • JD’s experience of modern racism in the South.
  • The difference between peaceful protest and the rioters, who helped to derail the support behind the movement.
  • How businesses tick boxes with diversity officers, but aren’t translating that into practical change for their staff or their communities.
  • Victim blaming and justifications for the murder of black people.

“When the movement happened, I was excited because I really want us to finally unite. But what I was afraid of, is that we had a lot of young people who had the gumption to get out and march, but I didn’t know if they had the leadership to communicate with the people in the community.” JD

[23.37] The swift decrease in support for the movement during 2020.

  • White guilt.
  • How the media used some groups taking advantage of the movement to condemn it.
  • Society as a construct that benefits white people and actively oppresses others, and the fear of black skin.
  • How the movement made black people visible.
  • Right and wrong ways to protest, and why riots happen.

[37.15] The backdrop of COVID 19.

  • Systemic racism, resources vs intent and personal choice.
  • The responsibility of black people to help elevate each other.

[44.51] The ‘All lives matter’ retort.

  • The bias and racism that often sits behind the phrase.
  • The difference between having a lack of knowledge and being wilfully ignorant.
  • The importance of research and educating yourself.

[66.26] The commercialization of the movement.

  • The impact on the ‘buy black’ movement and giving to black causes.
  • The positives of marketing and awareness.
  • The powerful impact of white allyship.

“As white people, some of the basic steps you can take is saying ‘I’m an anti-racist. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m committed – publicly – to change’.” Len

[81.46] The future, and the panellists key takeaways from today’s discussion.

  • Awareness and understanding – Len
  • This conversation is here to stay – JD
  • Question everything, and who it benefits – Audrey
  • Understand your privilege and hold people accountable – Al

“It’s about elevating the human condition… but its also about creating space for black imagination, innovation and joy.” Madison


You can connect with Len, Al, Audrey, JD and Madison over on LinkedIn.

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