312: Make Logistics Simple and Sustainable, with GoBolt

Today I’m joined by GoBolt, a fast-growing tech-enabled, sustainably-focused logistics provider for local e-commerce shops as well as national brands.

GoBolt provides a technology-driven, customer-centric and sustainable approach to fulfillment, including reliable warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, and last-mile delivery. By operating as an extension of their customer’s team, they are able to deliver best-in-class services every step of the way, ensuring faster, more cost-effective, and complete customer deliveries.

Today Mark Ang, Co-founder and CEO at GoBolt, joins me to chat all about the company and what they do; bringing sustainability to an industry notorious for its heavy impact on the environment; its recent Series B funding success; why logistics is broken; and their goal to reach carbon-negative deliveries by the end of 2023.




[06.02] How GoBolt began as a different kind of business and evolved based on customer demands and market needs.

“Before we knew it, we were acting more like a logistics business than we thought… I don’t think people wake up and dream about starting a warehousing and logistics business!”

[09.26] An overview of GoBolt – what they do and how they help their customers.

“Essentially what we’re trying to create is a unified platform for every single logistics requirement for a scaling, or scaled, brand.”

[10.23] What GoBolt means when they say “we are the only thing between you and your customers” – and why that interface is so important.

“Our NPS [Net Promoter Score] is extremely high, up in the 80’s… typically in the last mile space, you see NPS’s in the low teens.”

[12.24] A closer look at the technology that sits behind GoBolt, and what it does.

“What we really want to do is unshackle the customer from their day of delivery.”

[13.55] The areas across North America and Canada in which GoBolt operate, and what differentiates them from their competitors.

“What we’ve found, for enterprise brands and folks that are scaling quickly, is that the last thing they want to invest in is logistics – it’s expensive and hard to get it right… but it’s the one thing that touches your customer every single time and reliability, or lack thereof, in your supply chain can make or break your brand.”

[15.56] How GoBolt supports reverse logistics, and facilitates different product outcomes, from donation to refurbishment for resale and recycling.

[17.55] What onboarding and integration look like with GoBolt.

[19.06] The ideal client for GoBolt.

“Part of our vision is to enable commerce by making logistics easy.”

[20.37] GoBolt’s commitment to sustainability, and why carbon offset isn’t the answer.

“There’s only 500 million hectares of re-forestable area in the world, and Shell for example has already committed to planting a tenth of that – so there’s not going to be that much land to go around! We actually need to do our part to become net zero as quickly as possible.”

[22.56] A case study showing how GoBolt helped a client to vastly increase customer satisfaction in last mile logistics, leading them to further leverage GoBolt’s skillsets across many other areas, from fulfillment to mid-mile.

[25.31] The future for GoBolt.




Head over to GoBolt’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with GoBolt and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or you can connect with Mark on LinkedIn.

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