Dirk Seis talks safety on Let's Talk Supply Chain with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey.

308: Stabilizing Safety in the Workplace, with Ideal Warehouse Innovations

Today I’m joined by Ideal Warehouse Innovations, a product innovator that is asking all logistics, transportation and warehousing brands one big question – when it comes to your workplace, how safe is safe enough?

With more than 1100 warehouse and loading dock safety products in their arsenal, Ideal Warehouse’s products help saves lives, prevent injury and minimize damage and downtime. Founded in 1982, they’ve long been passionate about providing products and equipment to warehouse and manufacturing facilities that make them safer places to work, protecting people as well as enhancing productivity, profitability and timely delivery.

Today Dirk Seis, Director of Marketing at Ideal Warehouse, joins me to chat all about the company and what they do; their “thousand-product safety story”; the importance of strategic prevention; and their passion for helping to ensure that the world’s supply chain never breaks a link.




[06.54] Dirk’s career journey, how the industry has changed, and what he loves so much about helping businesses tackle their safety challenges.

“Back then, it seemed to me that the industry was very siloed… and, over the years, what’s happened is that everybody’s understood that this is now a vital link in the supply chain. If the goods aren’t coming in the door, they’re not going out the door – loading docks are very important!”

[08.50] An overview of Ideal Warehouse – what they do, how they help their customers and Dirk’s key role.

[09.55] A closer look at Ideal Warehouse’s forklift safety accessories and guarding line.

“One of the simple ways we help is to provide guarding systems to help delineate people from things that move, in other words, dangers.”

[11.27] A closer look at how Ideal Warehouse works collaboratively with their customers to develop innovative solutions to emerging challenges.

“I call them our mad scientists! We have an engineering group and an R&D group that basically takes a customer’s inquiry or unmet need, and says lets develop something that’s a little bit more unique and creative to help solve that problem.”

[14.31] Collaboration and planning: two key approaches to tackling common industry challenges.

“The most important move is planning… and involving all of the key players in the decision making process… when the whole group comes together and builds the solution together, chances are that solution is much better.”

[15.49] In an ever-evolving industry, why cleaner air is a key focus for many customers in a post-pandemic environment.

“The White House commissioned a study and they found that 30% less illness happens when the workplaces air has been cleaned.”

[18.29] What onboarding looks like with Ideal Warehouse.

[19.34] The ideal client for Ideal Warehouse, and some of the questions a potential client should ask themselves before reaching out.

“The people that appreciate our solutions the most are the ones that have a deep safety culture.”

[21.36] A case study showing how Ideal Warehouse developed a new solution to a dangerous dock trailer stand issue for an automotive client, helping to keep people out of harms way, as well as delivering time and cost savings.

“It’s our ‘no boots on the ground’ solution.”

[26.56] The future for Ideal Warehouse Innovations.



Head over to Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Ideal Warehouse and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Dirk on LinkedIn.

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