Jason Murray from Shipium talks ecommerce on Let's Talk Supply Chain.

299: Modernize Your Ecommerce Supply Chain, with Shipium

Today I’m joined by Shipium, a powerhouse logistics tech company who are on a mission to modernize the ecommerce supply chain, and help you turn logistics into a strategic differentiator for growth.

Shipium coordinates previously disconnected supply chain steps to help retailers offer fast, free, and on-time shipping. Founded by Jason Murray and Mac Brown, two supply chain veterans from Amazon and Zulily, Shipium is the premium shipping platform for ecommerce retail.

Today Jason Murray, Co-Founder and CEO at Shipium, joins me to chat all about the company and what they do; the ‘Amazon Prime problem’; using data modeling to power better decision-making; and why, by adopting a few modern principles, every ecommerce business can compete in today’s economy.




[07.49] Jason’s long-standing career at Amazon, and how his experiences led him to co-found Shipium.

“When you’re using technology to solve real-world problems – that’s what I love… and it allowed me to develop my thoughts around ‘how do you run an efficient ecommerce process?’”

[12.17] An overview of Shipium – what they do and how they help their customers.

“Expectations have changed, it’s not the same world we were in… people have options and make decisions based on price and product, but it’s also – ‘how fast am I going to get that?’”

[15.19] How ecommerce has changed over the last decade, and the different stages that have defined its evolution.

“There’s always this tension between what people want, and what’s sustainable.”

[19.05] The next stage of the ecommerce evolution, and the role that home delivery will increasingly play in successful business strategies.

“The shipping experience is half of the shopping experience!”

[21.08] The technology behind the Shipium platform, and a closer look at the onboarding and implementation process.

“We’re using data to make a lot of these decisions, that were previously hard-coded rules.”

[24.28] The ideal client for Shipium.

[25.32] How Shipium helps businesses to implement an affordable, fast shipping program, leading to an average 5-10% improvement in conversion and 5-15% improvement on shipping costs.

“Businesses come to us and say: ‘we’re losing business to Amazon.’”

[27.59] From expansion to collaboration, the future for Shipium.




Head over to Shipium’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Shipium and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Jason on LinkedIn.

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