Chris Garrison talks about Onfleet; the importance of empowering drivers; achieving competitive advantage by delighting customers; & the future of the last mile.

365: Delivering the Amazon effect: how to increase your last mile delivery efficiency by 30%

Today I’m joined by innovative last-mile tech company Onfleet, a company that is on a mission to make it easy for every retailer to offer fast, affordable, and delightful delivery to their customers.

Onfleet is the preferred delivery management software for companies wanting to provide a superior delivery experience while maximizing efficiencies. Onfleet powers millions of deliveries every week, for thousands of businesses around the world, across a range of industries from grocery and prepared meals to pharmacy, flowers, and furniture.

Today Chris Garrison, Director of Enterprise Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Onfleet, will be telling me all about Onfleet and what they do; the importance of empowering drivers; achieving competitive advantage by delighting customers; and the future of the last mile.

Guest bio:

Chris has a whole background in Partnerships and Project Management. Chris starting his carrer at Google, where he was in charge of the Global management of Intel’s Channel Marketing Program, developed his core skills for partnership building. After joining Onfleet, he dove into the last mile logistics industry and became an authority in the subject.


[05.52] The evolving landscape of last mile, and the challenges and opportunities in the space.

“Many of the changes have been driven by evolving consumer expectations. It’s the Uber or the Amazon effect. People want goods delivered faster, cheaper and with a greater degree of flexibility.”

[09.20] An introduction to Onfleet – who they are, what they do and how they help their customers.

[11.03] The ideal client for Onfleet.

[13.19] The importance of effective dispatching and route planning, its impact on everything from customer satisfaction to sustainability, and what dispatch with Onfleet looks like.

“We spend time to understand the operations team’s needs and workflows… and we make recommendations that fit into their existing processes versus making them throw everything out of the window.”

[17.36] Why driver empowerment is key, and how Onfleet’s solutions are creating happy drivers and, ultimately, happy customers.

“Driver hiring and retention is becoming increasingly difficult… so we have tools for all of the parties involved, that provide transparency and visibility throughout the delivery process, that result in a happy driver. And a happy employee translates to a better experience for the end consumer.”

[21.21] Why customer satisfaction has emerged as an area of opportunity, and how Onfleet are delighting customers in a notoriously difficult space.

“84% of consumers, if they have a poor delivery experience, will not order from that vendor again, if they an alternative option.”

[26.07] The power of good data, and what monitoring, reporting, performance and insights look like with Onfleet.

“Data is king. Whether you’re running online or physical world analytics, this is absolutely going to be the foundational block of any good decision-making throughout your operation.”

[29.08] A case study showing how Onfleet helped a key client to dramatically reduce route times, opening up opportunities for growth and boosting the bottom line.

“The reduction in failed deliveries is substantial… you can see up to a 40% increase in capacity and efficiency. And when you account for the fact that last mile is the most expensive aspect of the supply chain, the bottom line ROI is almost immediate once implemented.”

[32.46] A closer look at onboarding and integration with Onfleet.

[35.31] Last mile trends and what they mean for the future of the sector.

“There’s been a movement towards blended hybrid delivery models.”

[39.39] Onfleet’s recognition in Gartner’s 2023 Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies as a key player for Last Mile Delivery Solutions, and what the future holds.




Head over to Onfleet’s website now to start your free trial. You can also connect with Onfleet and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or X (Twitter), or you can connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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