Partnerships between supply chain companies.

285: Unlock the Power of Partnerships, with Cargo Chief and Hubtek

Today I’m joined by Cargo Chief and Hubtek, not one but two leading technology companies, working in the transportation space, who often partner together to provide the best results for their customers.

Cargo Chief enables 3PLs and freight brokers to expand their carrier network, gain visibility into real-time pricing, and streamline their processes. And Hubtek is a tech-enabled talent and automation solutions provider for transportation companies across North America.

Today Chris Arredondo, Co-Founder and VP of Customer Success at Cargo Chief, and Andrew Gulovsen, Chief Marketing Officer, at Hubtek, join me to chat all about their respective companies: what they do; how real-time data is helping to drive down costs; why you need to put a focus on collaboration and strategic partnerships; and the importance of customer success.




[06.39] A introduction to Chris, Cargo Chief and how they help their customers.

“We solve some of the industry’s biggest issues…. And we serve everything up on our project and procurement software… for an easier way to book freight.”

[07.28] An introduction to Andrew, Hubtek and how they help their customers.

“As businesses look to scale and grow, we offer a three-pronged approach of technology and automation… training, strategy and coaching, and a co-managed talent offering.”

[08.40] An overview of Cargo Chief and Hubtek’s partnership: how they came to work together, how they team up for their shared customers and a closer look at the type of customer who would work with them both.

“We started to find solutions that married together: Hubtek with TABi, and us with the power of capacity and pricing.” Chris

“The broad scope of what’s possible – the opportunities that exist out there that are just not captured based on time, energy, resource – the two of these together provide that access to those opportunities that weren’t there before.” Andrew

[11.44] Chris and Andrew reflect on the landscape of the logistics industry right now and some of the challenges, from both Cargo Chief and Hubtek’s perspectives.

“It’s taken 10 years and a pandemic to get tracking automated! And the same thing with technology, we have to work together to move the industry forward.” Chris

[15.07] A closer look at cost, the challenges of the rising costs involved in booking freight, and how Cargo Chief’s real-time pricing data can help protect margins and profits for customers.

“It’s not just the price… if you can’t narrow down to cost per load, it’s going to be really difficult to figure out how much the cost of booking freight actually is.” Chris

[17.45] Andrew explains how time and cost ties into automation, Hubtek’s TABi solution, and the impact automating key communications can have on things like staff wellbeing and satisfaction.

“The people within your organization can focus on that relationship development, on that important aspect of working with the customer… your people can really focus on improving culture and how you do business.” Andrew

[21.38] How better data and increased automation and efficiencies can help to increase carrier engagement, and why better carrier partnerships are so important.

“Carriers are your lifeline… you’ve really got to understand their needs and wants, and their willingness to work with you. What separates you from Broker B?” Chris

[26.45] Chris and Andrew discuss the importance of customer success, why the industry needs to embrace that mindset and why customer success is at the heart of the Cargo Chief and Hubtek partnership.

“Businesses often make decisions based on what they think, and without talking to the customer and understanding what they need. Finding that frictionless experience – that’s the direction that needs to happen.” Andrew

“If you’re running a company, yes revenue is important – but so is retention.” Chris

[30.14] A closer look at integration and onboarding with Cargo Chief and Hubtek.

[33.34] Chris and Andrew each give a taste of how they work with customers, and the potential impact or ROI they could achieve by working with Cargo Chief and Hubtek.

[38.49] The future for Cargo Chief and Hubtek, and their ongoing partnership.




Head over to Cargo Chief’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Cargo Chief and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or you can connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

Head over to Hubtek’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Hubtek and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, or you can connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.

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