217: Transform collaboration between buyers and suppliers, with SourceDay

Today I’m joined by SourceDay, a leading tech company who believes that supplier collaboration is the first mile of your supply chain – optimize that, and you can stop misses at the source.

SourceDay’s cloud solution digitally transforms collaboration between buyers and suppliers. Pulling together RFQ, Purchase Order, and AP Collaboration with quality control, the SourceDay platform allows business to manage their direct spend more efficiently, providing line-item detail that delivers big picture results.

Today Tom Kieley, CEO & Co-founder at SourceDay, joins me to chat all about the company; what they do; the impact of COVID disruption on productivity; and the importance of collaboration, visibility and good data in facilitating strong relationships between buyers and suppliers.

In This Episode We Discuss

[06.40] How and why SourceDay was founded, and the story behind the name.

“The number one thing that was killing business day in, day out was their suppliers and ability to communicate, collaborate and share – in real time – the misses that were inevitably going to happen.”

[10.28] Exactly what SourceDay does to help its customers.

“Constant change is really the only constant in the supply chain – and SourceDay helps bridge that gap.”

[12.23] A closer look at the modules within the SourceDay platform.

“Most companies spend millions on automating sales processes, ensuring they can sell faster… But the problem they’ve left unanswered is, how do you deliver those promises to your customers at the lowest cost and highest quality possible?”

[20.11] SourceDay’s ERP compatibility and easy integration.

[22.36] Why SourceDay’s supplier-centric product development has been key to its ethos of collaboration, from day one.

[25.26] How everyday disruptions affect spend and PO accuracy – and the impact of COVID.

“Buyers are the unsung heroes of an organization – nothing happens if parts don’t show up!”

[28.13] Why COVID has helped to drive a mindset shift when it comes to key trends like visibility, collaboration, technology and supply chain transformation.

[29.58] A closer look at SourceDay’s ideal customer.

[31.47] A key case study: how SourceDay saved a customer millions in repeat supplier misses, ultimately paying for itself in less than 3 months.

[34.33] The future for SourceDay.

Resources And Links Mentioned

Head over to SourceDay’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with SourceDay and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Twitter, or you can connect with Tom on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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