Jonathan Kempe talks digital trends and an update on Shipz.

277: Catching Up on Industry Trends, Workforce Gaps, and Shipz

Today I’m joined by Jonathan Kempe, CEO and founder of Verifai and host of Let’s Talk Supply Chain AsiaPac, to talk all about the landscape of supply chain and the current disruptions; digital media industry trends; the labor gap between companies and workers; and the role of technology within the industry. We also share a very exciting announcement!




[08.01] From inflation to changing consumer behavior, Jonathan and Sarah discuss the state of the industry and the new – and ongoing – disruptions.

“We’ve had a continual period of disruption, and all of the people involved in making supply chains function have barely been able to take a breath.”

[15.58] Jonathan and Sarah take a closer look at evolving media trends and the increasing importance of digital content.

“We’ve been able to see how a digital transformation can really make a difference in the life of a company.”

[20.42] Jonathan reflects on the experience of franchising Let’s Talk Supply Chain™, and what Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ AsiaPac means to him.

[26.20] Jonathan shares his thoughts on the growing importance of technology in supply chain, and how it touches everything from innovation to recruitment.

“Technology infused into a skillset for an industry professional is an important aspect.”

“With increasing scale, we’re going to have to think of smarter ways to do this better – and technology gives us those options.

[31.33] Sarah and Jonathan share their big announcement!




Find out more about Shipz or connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn.

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