Jonathan Kempe talks digital trends and an update on Shipz.

206: New Horizons – Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ Expands Into Asiapac!

Today’s episode is a little bit different from the norm. As always, I’m joined by a special guest, but it won’t be to bring you a business profile or the kind of interview you’re used to! Instead, my guest Jonathan Kempe, founder and CEO at Verifai, and I will be making a very special announcement, and sharing the ins and outs of our exciting news with you.

We’ve been working on this quietly behind the scenes for a while, paddling against the COVID tide, and I’m incredibly proud that we can finally launch this next stage of our Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ journey. And make no mistake, there is a lot more on the horizon!



[07.49] Jonathan and Sarah make a big announcement!

[10.38] Jonathan discusses the potential he sees in the opportunity and in the Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ brand.

“There’s a need in supply chain for clarity, for collaboration – because supply chains can be so chaotic, we need to work together… and those things are possible when we have a platform to facilitate those conversations.”

[14.11] Despite the difficulties of the past year, Jonathan reflects on why now is the right time to embrace something new.

“Someone famously said that crises bring opportunity, and I really believe that. There’s two ways to look at the world – pessimistically, or you can see the glimmers of hope and see the chance to change the narrative.”

[16.56] How Jonathan plans to use Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ Asiapac to connect the community.

[19.55] The growth, and power, of digital marketing.

“It has the ability to be really transformational, really quickly.”

[25.46] A closer look at the Asiapac region.

“Typically, there hasn’t been a unified voice across that area.”

[27.57] How Jonathan plans to bring his own unique brand to Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ Asiapac.

[32.45] Jonathan’s passion for stories and how people’s unique journeys can inspire the community.

[35.45] The launch of Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ Asiapac.

[37.19] The future for Let’s Talk Supply Chain.



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