177: Innovating the Last Mile with Logistics Titans

Logistics Titans really pride themselves on delivering forward-thinking, results-driven solutions for their customers. As the largest specialized and asset-based carrier in the US, they cast a wide net and empower their clients with new possibilities, locations and accessibility. And as a business, Logistics Titans believe in being bold, brave and impactful; so much so, they were named after powerhouses of Greek mythology.

Working mainly across healthcare, technology and retail, their combination of award-winning customer service, 250 project warehouse locations and leading logistics technology makes them true industry titans.

Wes Struebing, the Founder & President at Logistics Titans, was on the show in July last year and he’s back today to talk specifically about the last mile – the challenges, how it’s linked to customer experience, and exactly how the team at Logistics Titans are using new technology to elevate their service.



[07.26] A reminder of exactly what Logistics Titans do.

[09.05] Automation and rapid business growth – what Logistics Titans have been up to since we last spoke.

“I was so fortunate that my existing business had done so well, that it afforded me the opportunity to purchase four other companies!”

[10.29] A closer look at Logistics Titan’s new business acquisitions, and the process of merging businesses.

[13.41] Some of the key challenges in the last mile right now.

[16.58] How Logistics Titans continued to support the final mile through the height of the pandemic.

“We diligently followed the CDC guidelines – and we enforced it through our WIPOD technology.”

[22.59] Exactly how the last mile is connected to customer experience.

“I’ve been in the final mile business for a long time, and only within the last few years has the real desire for final mile prominence come to light.”

[25.36] A look at Logistics Titans proprietary end to end software solutions that help provide visibility and success for their customers.

[26.55] A real life example of how Logistics Titans helped a key customer reduce error and drive sales.

[30.13] How the importance of the last mile will to continue to grow in the coming years.

“We’re all waiting to see what the new normal is going to look like – but the creation for last mile delivery demand is going to continue to soar.”

[32.05] From new certification to controlled growth, what 2021 is going to bring for Logistics Titans.



Head over to Logistics Titan’s website to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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