Episode 126 – Why Partner with Titans

Like his Father and Grandfather before him, Founder and President of Logistics Titans Wes Streubing has supply chain in his blood. And he’s on a mission to bring that passion, history and industry knowledge together to bring a new and innovative approach to supply chain.

As the largest specialized and asset-based carrier in the US, Logistics Titans aim is to empower their clients with new possibilities through their commitment to seeking out the latest technologies, providing data-driven insights and bringing a customized, holistic approach to every client.

In this episode, Wes discusses the challenges we’re currently facing in supply chain and how the industry needs to continue to be creative and agile in its approach. And innovative industry leaders who continue to learn and grow are a vital part of this, especially in unprecedented times as we continue to face the impact of Covid 19.

But, as Wes looks to the future, he’s sure that Covid 19 is ‘a short-term discomfort, not a long-term problem’ and that the future for supply chain is bright.

In this episode we discuss:

[00.38] The history behind the Logistics Titans brand
[02.08] Industry complexity and challenges, from accurate forecasting to predictive analysis
[03.27] The importance of data

“We’ve gone from just being people who provide transportation services and warehousing services to being someone who provides meaningful data back to business”

[06.33] Working with partners and Wes’s core philosophy in life and business

“I’ll be in your life as long as I can make it better”

[07.42] Growth and self-awareness in leadership
[10.01] Content consumption, and how Covid 19 has brought supply chain content all the way to the board room
[12.45] How their holistic approach makes Logistics Titans different

“Our mission is to facilitate our client’s agenda”

[15.56] The impact of Covid 19 and the importance of creative strategy and problem solving within supply chain
[21.32] A real life example of how Logistics Titans revolutionized their customers’ existing process
[24.38] The process of working with Logistics Titans
[27.23] How the future of logistics will marry people and technology
[30.32] The future for Logistics Titans

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To find out more about Logistics Titans, or to book a free call to see how they could help you, visit their website.

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