352: Simplify Freight By Rail, With Commtrex

Today I’m joined by Commtrex, an award-winning brand that is on a mission to simplify freight by rail.

Commtrex is a tech-enabled rail logistics provider with a team of experienced rail professionals, an extensive network of partners, and a best-in-class technology platform that simplifies the movement of freight and creates a competitive advantage. As a highly trusted, effective, and data-driven platform, Commtrex is improving how shippers manage their rail fleets and move freight across North America.

Martin Lew, CEO at Commtrex, joins me to talk all about Commtrex and what they do; the challenges and opportunities in rail; empowering shippers through choice and connectivity; and why transloading is the future of the industry.

Guest bio:

Martin Lew is the CEO/Founder of Commtrex, the largest electronic Marketplace for rail shippers to directly connect with railcar owners, transloaders, storage facilities, rail services, and industry data. Martin has led the marketing and business development efforts for numerous software start-up companies. Mr. Lew holds a Juris Doctorate from Boston College Law School and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in Communications and Political Science from the University of Southern California.




[06.00] Martin’s background and his vision for Commtrex.

[08.34] Why businesses move freight by rail and the key opportunities within this mode.

[11.18] The evolution of Commtrex; the major shift happening in the workforce; how these generational changes impact rail; and the importance of technology in bridging the gap.

[17.24] The ideal client for Commtrex.

[22.18] How Commtrex helps their clients to move into new markets and diversify, saving one brand 18-22% across each lane and giving leverage to shippers struggling with carrier service levels.

[29.22] What onboarding and integration look like with Commtrex, and the infrastructure fundamentals to consider when using rail.

[35.08] A closer look at Commtrex’s consulting services.

[38.35] Sustainability and the positive impact of rail.

[41.24] The future for Commtrex.




Head over to Commtrex’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Commtrex and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or you can connect with Martin on LinkedIn.

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