341: Maximize Container Efficiency, with Trakking

Today I’m joined by Trakking, an innovative software brand that is on a mission to drive efficiency and reduce costs to increase the number of containers operating effectively across Canadian Ports.

Trakking is a digital platform for sourcing, managing, and returning empty shipping line containers. Inspired by their passion for community and dedication to the environment, the platform replaces outdated shipping processes and increases the reliability and predictability of empty containers, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a greener, brighter future.

Today Patrick Lo, Founder and President at Trakking, joins me to chat all about the company and what they do; bringing predictability and precision to container management; and the importance of working together to remove waste from our shared supply chains.

Guest bio:

Patrick Lo graduated from UBC with an Honors Science degree and obtained his MBA at the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2002. He started his career working in the logistics industry in the early 1990s, primarily focusing on supply chain and logistics between Canada and Japan. In 2002, he assumed the role of President and CEO of Canaan Group. Over the last 20 years, he has grown the company across Canada with 4 offices focusing on freight forwarding, warehousing, drayage, custom brokerage, and logistics consulting. Seeing firsthand some of the challenges and bottlenecks in supply chain, he started a start-up company called TSC Trakking. This digital platform focuses on managing empty international containers on behalf of global shipping carriers for the benefit of Canadians.




[07.40] Patrick’s background, and how a long career in logistics led him to establish Trakking.

“I know a lot about logistics… and so the experiences I’ve had in the past have really helped me understand what the problem is and where the bottlenecks are, from the ground up.”

[08.51] The current landscape of the industry, and the challenges and bottlenecks that Patrick sees as we head towards the second half of 2023.

“Often, we’ve an assumption that part of the trucking community’s job is waiting. And I think that assumption is wrong, because waiting means time, and time is money.”

[11.34] An overview of Trakking – what they do, how they help their customers, and a look at their three core solutions.

“The words efficiency and optimization and digitization – those are buzzwords that have been used quite a bit in our industry and they’re great things to strive for. But because of my background, really coming from grassroots, for me it’s really about applying them very practically for different stakeholder groups.”

[15.10] The ideal client for Trakking.

[17.03] How Trakking’s ‘Empty Container Release’ product is drastically reducing dead runs and improving efficiency for clients.

[19.47] From quicker turnarounds to decreased carbon emissions, the benefits of Trakking’s ‘Street Turn’ solution.

[20.50] A closer look at the benefits of Trakking’s ‘Empty Container Return’ product.

“On our platform, we show the quantity that’s available to be returned at a depot… it gives a lot of confidence to the dispatcher and driver and, with the NVO, they don’t have to pay for detention or demurrage.”

[26.15] The impact that Trakking’s services will have on the industry, and how solutions like theirs can solve key challenges and start to reshape the face of the industry.

“It really starts creating opportunities for communication… it’s an ecosystem where technologies can work together… and it changes behavior.”

[29.15] How Trakking is helping to reduce carbon emissions, and how organizations can leverage Trakking technology to meet their own ESG goals.

[31.40] What onboarding and integration look like with Trakking.

“The biggest point in onboarding is the trust and the time… and I always like the face-to-face to see where a customer is really at. We want to walk alongside one customer at a time.”

[34.38] Patrick and Sarah discuss whether self-driving trucks or even containers, are the future of transportation.

[36.56] The future for Trakking, and the port community in Canada.



Head over to Trakking’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Trakking and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter or Vimeo, or you can connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

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