Steve Ferreira discusses his unique brand; the shipping industry latest; why students are flocking to supply chain; and why FMC offers false hope to shippers.

340: Container Confusion: Are Shipping Trends Lost at Sea? with Steve Ferreira

Last month, we shared one of my favorite recent episodes of Thoughts and Coffee with you – and we got such great feedback that we decided to do it again!

And in this episode, I’m joined by founder, CEO and author Steve Ferreira. Steve wants to bring vivaciousness to the shipping industry and he’s certainly doing that! Tune in for his take on why students are flocking to supply chain; why FMC offers false hope to shippers; and the big question on everyone’s lips: exactly what is happening in the ocean market?!

There is so much to get your teeth into in this episode so grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy!




[07.00] From the latest episode of Women In Supply Chain™ to an introduction to the brand new private network, The Secret Society of Supply Chain, an update on the latest at Let’s Talk Supply Chain.

[09.37] An introduction to Steve Ferreira; his vivacious approach to social media; and his business, Ocean Audit.

“My claim to fame is helping importers and exporters recover lost costs from the container get-in period… it only takes 50 containers to produce a $100,000 dollar refund.”

[12.31] Sarah shares the responses to her question of the week: “What characteristics or skills do you admire in a leader?”, and Steve reflects on the importance of a mindset shift towards empathy in the workplace.

[14.30] Steve gives us an update on the ocean market, sharing insights on rates, carrier strategies, and why more deals are getting done.

[16.50] The concept behind the video that won Steve the very first pair of limited edition Let’s Talk Supply Chain custom Air Force Ones in our five-year anniversary contest; and what’s coming up for Steve and his own industry brand.

“I’m a free spirit in the industry.. so I created ocean freight TV… and it’s geared towards bringing some excitement and enthusiasm into the ocean industry!”

[20.53] Sarah and Steve discuss why students are flocking to supply chain; and Steve shares his thoughts on the so-called industry talent shortage, the lack of mentors across the industry, and his words of advice for the next generation.

“Our lives are so different… we never experience the same thing. The cadence, the pace and the opportunities in the supply chain are one of the top areas of opportunity, and that’s why we have so many young people flocking to the industry.”

[26.38] Steve discusses his recent article: Why FMC Offers False Hope To Shippers.

“The problem is that the FMC is not an auditing agency. They’re looking for violations… where they can penalize an ocean vendor. They weren’t set up to repatriate money back to clients.”

[33.06] Sarah and Steve discuss a recent Freight Waves article suggesting that, despite the current turbulent market, the container shipping industry is not behaving like an industry facing an imminent crisis.




You can find out more about Ocean Audit over on their website, or you can connect with Steve on LinkedIn.

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