335: What You Need to Know About Space Logistics, with Ryan Duffy

Today I’m shaking things up and sharing one of my favorite recent episodes of Thoughts and Coffee. In this episode, I’m joined by exciting industry writer and former Managing Editor of Payload Space, Ryan Duffy, to talk space logistics. Ryan is passionate about bringing us the scoop on the future of logistics, from emerging tech to the final frontier, and I loved finding out more.

So if you’ve ever wondered about the incredible world of space logistics, then this is the episode for you. We talked all about NASA’s plans to start the first Gateway logistics mission later this year; we reflected on the stats that show the market is already expected to generate nearly $20 billion by 2040; and we explored the possible impact on GEO shipping due to the loss of Antonov planes.

You need to stay updated on the rapidly evolving space logistics sector, so – get ready to launch!




[07.12] An introduction to Ryan Duffy and leading publication Payload Space, and an overview of space logistics.

“Behind the scenes there’s a lot of logistics, manufacturing, testing, integrating… there’s a lot more than meets the eye when you see a shiny rocket launch!”

[10.15] Sarah shares the responses to her question of the week, “what is the best supply chain management software,” and Ryan reflects on the software that’s essential to space logistics right now.

“Surprisingly, with space there’s groundbreaking technology in science, but for a lot of missions it’s still managed in a very analogue fashion, with pen and paper or Excel!”

[13.03] Ryan explains GEO satellites and discusses a recent news article that details how a loss of Antonov planes may impact GEO shipping.

[19.09] Sarah and Ryan discuss the news that NASA plans to start work on the first Gateway logistics mission this year.

“The space industry loves to make logistical analogies – they’re called orbital transfer vehicles… but it’s tough to beat space trash truck!”

[24.42] Ryan answers an audience question: “What innovative solutions are in space logistics right now?” and explains the current opportunities within the industry.

[26.31] Ryan and Sarah discuss the research that indicates the space logistics market will generate $19.8 billion by 2040, and Ryan explains last-mile space logistics.

[28.38] An update on what’s coming up on Let’s Talk Supply Chain.




You can find out more about Payload Space over on their website, or you can connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.

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