Anthony Miller and Eric Johnson on LogTech Live.

320: Going Inside The Mind of Anthony Miller

Today we’re putting the spotlight on one of our incredible live shows, LogTech Live With Eric Johnson.

Eric is Senior Editor of Technology at the Journal Of Commerce and a long-time friend of the show, and he brings us his unrivaled industry insights – and Dad jokes! – on the first and third Friday of every month at 10am EST.

In this episode, Eric is joined by special guest Anthony Miller, SaaS, Tech, Logistics and Supply Chain Consultant, to talk about the hottest news from the biggest brands in logistics right now.




[08.22] From C.H. Robinson CEO Bob Biesterfeld’s shock exit to a new collaboration between an early-stage tech provider and freight forwarders, Eric explores the news of the week.

[15.01] An introduction to Eric’s guest, Anthony Miller, his experience at WiseTech, and his love for logistics.

“Logistics is so exciting and ever-changing… some people would say it’s still stuck in the past, but I don’t see that. It’s a mixture of both – you have the great people and the processes, and then you have the tech, and they’re all just trying to come together.”

[19.56] How and why Anthony became a provocative logistics voice on LinkedIn.

“I want people to read something and think about it, go and do some research, talk to people and form your own opinions.”

[27.53] Anthony and Eric discuss CargoWise – its position in the market, why the organization has come under recent scrutiny, how businesses like GoFreight are breaking through to serve the SMB market, and the downside of aggressive acquisition strategies.

[41.20] Anthony’s thoughts on the future for CH Robinson and Flexport.

“Our industry is about consolidation. And as soon as you show some weakness, that’s it – sharks are circling.”

[47.51] Eric ends with his favorite question: ‘what’s your favorite band and why?’




Discover more breaking news over on Journal of Commerce, and connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed the show, there are plenty more episodes of LogTech Live to explore. And if you want to hear even more from the super-knowledgeable Eric Johnson, you can also catch him on episode 238 and episode 300.

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