238: Year In Review

Here we are, at the end of another year – and wow, what a year it has been. There is a lot to unpack, so in this end of year special, I’m joined by Eric Johnson – journalist, logistics tech expert and friend – to discuss some of the events of the year.

We talk about disruption and the major challenges within the shipping industry; we reflect on key and emerging trends; and look forward to what might be to come in 2022.




[05.47] An introduction to Eric Johnson.

[07.07] Reflections on COVID during 2021.

“It’s the uneven nature of COVID, it impacts our industry a lot – what happens in one region has a knock-on effect in another.”

  • New complications, such as lockdowns, the Delta variant and issues with vaccinations
  • Acceptance of the ‘new normal’
  • Adaptation and finding a ‘working with COVID’ way of thinking
  • What we’ve learned

“We’re even more adaptable and resilient than we ever thought.”

[16.22] The boom in ecommerce.

  • Consumer buying habits
  • Demand and customer expectations
  • Market stabilization
  • Flurry of acquisitions and mergers

“We will look back on this period as a catalyst.”

[22.55] Major disruptions in shipping.

  • Evergreen stuck in the Suez Canal
  • Port congestion
  • Record number of containers overboard
  • Compounding events, such as the Texas ice storm
  • Health, wellness and working conditions of seafarers
  • Big brands commissioning vessels for 2022

[32.22] Practicalities – what we can do and how we can be proactive about managing COVID disruption ongoing.

“The fact that the White House is so focused on this topic is unique, in and of itself.”

  • Industry collaboration and partnership
  • New technology
  • Data and automation
  • Innovation
  • Diversity and inclusion

 “Whether it’s using technology, or creating a partnership with another company, we need to figure out where we can achieve better efficiency.”

[40.29] Key milestones and achievements for Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ in 2021.

  • Third birthday / 200th episode
  • Launch of Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ Asiapac
  • LinkedIn Live sustainability course
  • A year of Blended
  • Brand new live shows




You connect with Eric over on LinkedIn, or catch up on his show LOGTECH Live over on the Let’s Talk Supply Chain™ YouTube channel.

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