Igor Chigrin of Win Global discusses his DroneShip Project; its impact on sustainability; global transportation challenges; & the untapped potential in trade.

388: See The Future of Transportation, with Win Global

Today I’m joined by Win Global – an international trade and development consultancy, providing practical tools, products, and training for international trading companies to help them rapidly grow their export and import businesses and follow their passion for global trade.

And it was in facing shipping challenges for those companies that Win Global co-founder, Igor Chigrin, hit upon an innovative new idea – an autonomous sustainable international transportation technology that is going to change the game.

Today Igor and I will be talking all about his incredible new innovation and the journey that led to its creation. We’ll be diving into his DroneShip Project; the challenges and inefficiencies in international transportation; the untapped potential to be found in trade and travel; and the huge impact that DroneShip technology could have on global sustainability.

Guest Bio:

Igor Chigrin is an Export and Import Consultant and Co-Founder of Win Global. He consults businesses on a wide range of international business aspects and helps them establish and grow their export and import sales and overcome regulatory compliance barriers. Igor also coaches early-stage export and import businesses and delivers educational sessions on international trade. Igor has more than 20 years of consulting experience. He holds the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation from the Forum for International Trade Training or FITT (Canada). He also has a master’s degree in International Business from Grenoble Graduate School of Business (France). Having been through many international shipping challenges directly and with his clients, Igor came up with the idea of a sustainable cargo transportation technology that decarbonizes supply chains, reduces shipping costs, and increases resilience. The idea is currently at the final stage of the prototype design and the testing is planned for the fall of 2024.




[06.35] An introduction to Igor, his background, and how he came to establish Win Global.

“I ran into different challenges and issues with shipping – and my challenges weren’t unique. Everybody shipping around the world runs into the same issues over and over again. And there’s no straight way out of it.”

[09.01] An overview of Win Global – who they are, what they do, and how they help their clients.

[11.45] The ideal client for Win Global.

[12.13] An introduction to the DroneShip Project, and its objectives for the industry.

“A lot of drone startups are focusing on last mile delivery, but there are limitations… we want to ship the heavy cargo…. Our ultimate goal is to develop autonomous aircraft that is capable of shipping fully loaded containers.”

[15.27] How Igor pitched DroneShip, and secured collaboration and funding from the University of Toronto and the Canadian Government, to turn his innovative idea into reality.

[18.47] From safety and AI to fuel, a closer look at how DroneShip technology will work.

[22.14] An overview of the current, and historic, issues and challenges faced by the international transportation industry.

“A limited number of trade routes, limited capacity of vessels, humans behind the wheels that make mistakes – it all ends in disruption and delays… All of these issues have been around for five thousand years at least, and we’re still experiencing them today because, fundamentally, we haven’t changed the way we trade or ship goods.”

[25.56] The opportunities, and untapped market potential, within the international transportation industry.

[27.55] How DroneShip technology will start to address the present-day transportation systems inefficiencies and open up a brand new market of trade and travel for those who, previously, simply couldn’t afford it.

“This midpoint could increase interest for more companies to enter trade because, right now, they only have two extremes.”

[36.49] The huge environmental impact of supply chain, and the potential that DroneShip technology has to revolutionize global sustainability.

“The global transportation industry is responsible for 25-30% of greenhouse gas emissions… the long-term goal of our project is to replace most of the traditional fossil fueled-based transportation with this technology.”

[39.36] From freight forwarding to firefighting, the unique and varied applications for DroneShip.

[41.51] The future for DroneShip, and how organizations can get involved with fundraising and use cases testing.




Head over to Win Global’s website to find out more and discover how they could help you, or discover more about the DroneShip project. You can also connect with Win Global and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or X (Twitter) or you can connect with Igor on LinkedIn.

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