208: Lead the way to an autonomous future, with EasyMile

Today I’m excited to be joined by EasyMile, a truly innovative and forward-thinking global business, which provides software and complete solutions for driverless mobility and goods transportation.

EasyMile’s driverless technology is at the core of award-winning solutions for mobility, intralogistics and more. With quality delivery and real-world deployments, their certified, expert software is bringing autonomous vehicles around the world, in over 300 locations and more than 30 countries, to life.

Today Joseph Holmes, Director of Sales at EasyMile, joins me to chat all about the company, what they do, the amazing technology behind their solutions and the role autonomous vehicles will play in the future of the industry, and the world.



[06.46] Joseph shares the story of how EasyMile was founded and the company’s key milestones.

“Our CEO experienced congestion and pollution… he wanted to reclaim the cities.”

[10.44] Exactly what EasyMile does.

“By heart, we’re a software company. We work in tandem, with leading OEM’s and manufacturers, to bring what we both do best together, in order to produce automated vehicles.”

[12.16] A closer look at how the technology works.

[17.03] The importance of safety.

“Safety is at the forefront of everything we do… and it’s the outcome of strict processes and well informed employees.”

[21.18] An overview of EasyMile’s key vehicle solutions, including the EZ10: the most deployed autonomous shuttle in the world.

“The EZ10 is essentially that ideal first and last mile connectivity vehicle.”

[28.07] EasyMile’s unique approach to implementation and training.

“In order for us to be sustainable, we need to ensure we train the end client to work with, and maintain, our products. We’re committed to having as light a footprint as possible.”

[33.33] The ideal client for EasyMile.

[35.56] Joseph shares a case study, detailing how Easymile created major efficiencies and achieved ROI in only 18 months for a key customer.

[39.24] The future for EasyMile, and for autonomous vehicles.



Head over to EasyMile’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with EasyMile and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Joseph on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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