Christopher Platt talks about Blackberry Radar; the challenges & opportunities in multimodal; safety & compliance; & why now is the time to invest in tech.

358: Harness The Power Of Asset Tracking Engineered for Intelligence, with Blackberry Radar

Today I’m joined by innovative logistics brand BlackBerry Radar.

Launched in 2016, BlackBerry Radar is an intelligent, secure and user-friendly asset tracking and monitoring solution. It provides reliable industry-leading visibility into a range of fleet assets, including trailers, flatbeds, chassis and intermodal containers, utilizing device hardware, a secure communications network, and a dynamic cloud platform.

Today Christopher Platt, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Blackberry Radar, will be telling me all about the challenges and opportunities within multimodal; the ever-increasing importance of safety and compliance; the changing industry landscape; and why now is the time to invest in your technology.

Guest bio:

Christopher Plaat, SVP & GM, BlackBerry Radar Christopher Plaat, Senior Vice President and General Manager of BlackBerry Radar, has more than 25 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Platt’s career has been focused on advanced technology solutions that help companies improve operational efficiencies, manage compliance, and reduce costs. He spent over 18 years in strategic technology sales and leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, including Qualcomm and Lockheed Martin. Plaat previously led sales and operations units for organizations including Overnite Transportation Co. and Emery Worldwide. Prior to joining BlackBerry, Plaat was Vice President of Strategic Account Sales at Omnitracs. He earned a bachelor’s in business and economics from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.




[05.42] An introduction to Christopher, his background and experience across supply chain, and what he loves about the intermodal industry.

“I love the intermodal industry, it’s underserved by technology and it’s in a transition phase.”

[07.28] A reminder of who Blackberry Radar is and how they help their customers.

[09.24] As businesses tackle a difficult industry landscape, Christopher reflects on the complexity of the industry and its cost implications, and what multimodal means to Blackberry Radar.

“We help companies not just protect the goods that are in their trailers and containers, but also protect their investment in their assets.”

[12.01] What customers are looking for when it comes to asset tracking solutions, and the importance of working in close partnership with customers to understand, and solve for, their unique set of challenges and needs.

[14.20] Common customer objections for not embracing asset tracking technology, and the potential costly risk of not making that investment.

“The ability to ingest technology is a concern – if they invest, is their company capable of leveraging the data to make meaningful changes in their business?”

[18.27] What safety and compliance looks like with Blackberry Radar, and why good data-driven conversations help improve a variety of business areas, from sales to customer experience.

[23.30] The ideal client for Blackberry Radar.

[25.00] A closer look at the free pilot program with Blackberry Radar, the different elements that make up their solution, and how they work holistically with customers.

[27.05] The many industry issues that can be addressed with effective use of technology, the importance of visibility, and how Blackberry Radar can help.

[32.08] The future for the intermodal industry.

“This last year has certainly been different to the pandemic supply chain issues we had… there’s been a slowdown, there’s no doubt about it. But I actually think it’s a good time to look at technology… and prepare for the next wave of craziness that might be coming our way!”

[34.17] The future for Blackberry Radar.




Head over to Blackberry Radar’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Blackberry Radar and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Christopher on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed this episode, and want to hear more about Blackberry Radar, check out 322: Innovative Asset Tracking Made Easy, with Blackberry Radar or read Seven Benefits of Using GPS Equipment Tracking written by today’s guest Christopher Platt.

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