Unilog talks supply chain with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey.

279: Design and Manage Global Supply Chains, with Unilog

Today I’m joined by Unilog, the customer-focused experts in the design and management of global supply chains.

Unilog specializes in global fulfilment and mission-critical logistics services. Their flexible, customized supply chain solutions, based on best practices and expertise, work seamlessly with internal client operations to ensure time-definite delivery wherever and whenever necessary.

With offices around the world, Unilog support their clients’ needs anywhere, anytime, by utilizing advanced technology coupled with the best team, leading 3PLs & service providers.

Today Osi Tagger, CEO at Unilog, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the importance of creating achievable solutions; embracing a culture of diversity; and how a focus on logistic capabilities can achieve a competitive advantage.




[08.01] An overview of Unilog – what they do, their 5PL structure and how they help their customers – and why they can’t be put into a box.

“We are a multi enterprise supply chain business network.”

[12.07] A closer look at Unilog’s Supply Chain as a Service offering and how it can facilitate global fulfilment for customers, to help them scale quickly and easily and meet their SLA’s.

“If you ask our clients, ‘where is your warehouse?’ they have no idea – they don’t care, because that’s not what they’re buying. In order to grow their business, they want to deliver their promise to their market and we support them – this is global fulfilment for us. This is why they buy supply chain as a service.”

[15.52] Unilog’s service parts supply chain, the evolving challenges around inventory and distribution, and why it’s so important to put a focus on helping businesses to fulfil their promises to their end consumers.

[19.16] The five cornerstones on which Unilog was founded, and how they translate to digitization, visibility and real-time supply chain control tower capabilities.

“Visibility for the sake of visibility is just another pile of data. What are you going to do with that? That’s what we solve in many ways.”

[26.18] The importance of flexible and customizable solutions when it comes to creating agile supply chains, and why Excel continues to stick around.

[29.56] Why Unilog focus on creating feasible and achievable supply chain solutions for businesses.

[32.42] Why companies who place an emphasis on logistics capabilities can achieve a competitive advantage.

“We ask our clients, ‘what’s the plan – new products, new markets, new services?’ Once we understand what our customers want, we design what they need.”

[34.32] Osi’s ethos and passion for women’s empowerment and creating a diverse team; how it helps Unilog to thrive and drive strategic partnerships; and why more companies should be embracing this way of working.

“What is dynamic integration? It’s not just IT. It’s people!”

[38.37] The ideal client for Unilog.

[40.26] A case study, showing how Unilog’s Supply Chain as a Service solution helped one key customer to grow over 170% and scale globally at speed.

[42.53] The future for Unilog.



Head over to Unilog’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Unilog and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Osi on LinkedIn.

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