273: Make Freight Intelligent with Pando

Today I’m joined by Pando, a global logistics software brand and the world’s first open-market freight management platform, which brings together an economic network of delivery stakeholders.

Pando is a market leader in supply chain technology, building the world’s fastest, and highest ROI driven networked‑Transport Management System. Pando is the TMS of choice for Fortune 500 manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies globally, with a presence across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America. Pando’s network‑powered SaaS platform for supply chain execution helps enterprises digitalize, automate, and scale their logistics operations across all modes and legs of movement.

Today Nitin Jayakrishnan, co-founder and CEO at Pando, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the key challenges in global logistics; the power of collaborative optimization; and why businesses need to look beyond cost saving, towards improved accuracy, responsiveness and predictability




[06.57] Nitin’s founder story, and the journey that led him to establish Pando.

“We set out to build a marketplace for domestic freight – Uber for freight!… Along the way something interesting started happening: our customers… started asking us if we could expand our tech into other freight and warehousing providers.”

[11.20] An overview of Pando – what they do, and how they help their customers.

“Most management solutions were built before the year 2000… The tech that sustains global supply chains is completely archaic!”

[15.57] A look at some of the key challenges Pando’s customers are facing right now, and Pando’s approach to solving them.

“These are brands that we love and live with… these brands ultimately serve you and me, so the mission for Pando, of course is to solve supply chain issues and logistics inefficiencies, but really is to serve the brand we love to help those brands serve us better!”

[23.21] The importance of good data, and Pando’s game-changing control tower capabilities.

“You don’t put the control tower at the top, you put it at the bottom – it’s the foundational layer of data that feeds into these systems… the input is controlled, so you’re not only able to solve the data problem, but you’re able to predict and prevent the challenges.”

[27.00] A closer look at Pando’s TMS solution, and how it can revolutionize dispatch planning and decision-making.

[30.25] Integration, and how Pando work with their network of partners.

“Companies are now realizing that what was once called back end operations is now coming front and center of their global strategies.”

[36.22] Sustainability, how Pando facilitates a reduction in carbon footprint for their customers, and why clients increasingly expect their suppliers to be an active part of helping them achieve their own ESG goals.

[40.25] The onboarding process with Pando, and their mission to deliver fast and effective integration.

“With Pando, the time to value is 90 days – and that’s a gamechanger. It’s a gold standard when it comes to enterprise technology.”

[43.43] The ideal client for Pando.

[45.21] Two key case studies, illustrating how Pando helped one customer reduce supply chain costs and achieve end-to-end visibility, and another solve shipping efficiency issues in order to realize an additional $2.5 million in revenue.

[48.39] The future for Pando.




Head over to Pando’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Pando and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Nitin on LinkedIn.

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