271: How Klaus Imping is Helping Business Leaders to Make Digital Process Transformation Sustainably Successful

Today I’m joined by Klaus Imping – best-selling author, entrepreneur, innovator, thought leader and CEO all rolled into one.

With an education in Business Administration, Klaus worked for almost a decade in various organizational, IT and process re-engineering roles before making the move to consulting, where he has worked with numerous clients and projects for almost three decades. As an author, entrepreneur and the CEO of mSE PointOut Group, Klaus operates in the magic triangle of information technology, processes, and strategy, with a focus on supply chain management in a global context.

Today Klaus joins me to chat all about his impressive career so far; his new book; his passion for making business process digitalization effective; and why tribal workflows are undermining digital transformation.




[06.54] Klaus shares his background and career journey, from his early employed roles to where he is today.

“This was the first time that I got the idea that the strength and resilience of processes is a result of three factors and the technical enablement is only one – the process design and the process adherence are equally important.”

[10.03] How his father’s workplace experiences helped to shape Klaus’ mindset and approach to his own career.

“You always find enough reasons to declare yourself a victim of circumstance, that’s easy. The hard way is to raise your hand, take influence and bring things to the right direction.”

[13.18] Klaus’ position in ‘the magic triangle of information technology, processes, and strategy’ – what he means by that, and why it’s the ideal place to be.

[16.27] An overview of Klaus’ upcoming book ‘Tribal F*cks Up Digital.’

“I truly think that digitalization and digital transformation is the next industrial revolution – it’s not a nice to have… it’s a do it or die type of thing.”

[20.52] Why Klaus wrote the book, the process of writing it and his passion for transforming the way we think about digitalization.

[23.18] A closer look at digital transformation, and why technology isn’t the answer.

“It might work technically – but the process, the people, the workflow just doesn’t adopt it… and it’s the famous Excel spreadsheet that survives!”

[28.20] Tribal workflows, and how they neutralize digitalization.

[32.31] The importance of effective adoption, and how it’s different to traditional change management.

“Digital transformation is not limited by technology. Digital transformation is limited by adoption.”

[35.54] Klaus’ reflections on what the next couple of years are going to bring for the industry.

[39.03] A look at Klaus’ organization, mSE PointOut Group, recently named a 2022 GARTNER Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Technology.

[41.29] What the future holds for Klaus.




Head over to Klaus’ website now to find out more, pre-order his book and to discover how he could help you too. You can also connect with Klaus on LinkedIn.

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