264: How Memefication is Changing The Supply Chain

We are absolutely loving showcasing our incredible range of live shows! Last month, in episode 257, we put the spotlight on Action Items with Dyci Sfregola. Last week in episode 262, it was Mercado’s turn with their show, First Things First. And, today, we’re bringing you Coming In Hot, with Abby Baird.

The industry is always changing, so what’s in store for the next generation of supply chain professionals? Supply chain management student, Abby, brings her passion and enthusiasm for the future of supply chain every fourth Thursday at 12.30pm EST.

In this episode, Abby is joined by special guest Lydia O’Neal, supply chain and logistics reporter at The Wall Street Journal, to talk all about the memefication of supply chain; how supply chain management is being shared; and the popularization of the industry.




[07.43] An introduction to special guest Lydia O’Neal, her background and how she transitioned to reporting on supply chain.

[10.20] How Lydia came to write Sorry, the Global Supply Chain Ate My Homework, and her thoughts on the memefication of supply chain.

“I’ve heard, anecdotally, that professors are seeing more interest from younger students, even in high school!”

[13.23] How the memeifcation of supply chain, and the increase in supply chain content on social media, has impacted people and businesses.

“Another effect of this has been the visibility of all the people, the workers in the warehouses, the truckers and on cargo ships, because it’s previously been this invisible magic of your stuff getting to your door.”

[15.36] Lydia’s reflections on whether the newfound popularity of supply chain in social media is actually helping to teach people what supply chain really is.

[18.09] The value to be found in greater supply chain exposure and increased knowledge.

“It’s great to bring in a more diverse workforce, in management especially – I hear over and over again that this is the domain of old white guys… so to go on TikTok and find young women explaining it… it’s great!”

[20.12] How fresh supply chain content is moving away from jargon and a business-heavy approach towards making the topic fun and engaging.

“The over-arching goal was to make it fun!”

[22.29] How new supply chain content is reaching such a broad audience.

“It’s exploded and people have appropriated it into their own jokes.”

[25.42] The opportunity for businesses to use the memefication of supply chain to their advantage, particularly when it comes to customer expectation and experience.

[29.41] Lydia’s thoughts on whether increased memeification impacts supply chain professionals in their day-to-day roles.

[31.39] What Lydia has learned, what excites her about supply chain and her future.




You can connect with Abby or Lydia over on LinkedIn, or check out Lydia’s article, Sorry, the Global Supply Chain Ate My Homework.

You can find previous episodes of Coming In Hot with Abby Baird over on YouTube, on our live show page, or you can check out other Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcasts HERE.

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