255: Women In Supply Chain™, Mardi Tegmeyer

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Mardi Tegmeyer: a passionately customer-focused supply chain leader.

An experienced logistics professional, Mardi’s knowledge and experience covers sales, operations, account management and customer success. As a leader at Emerge, she’s helping to reinvent freight procurement by putting customers firmly front and center.

Today Mardi will be talking to us about her career so far; her passion for customer success; and the importance of collaboration and inclusion within supply chain. Plus, she’ll be sharing her experiences as a woman in the industry, as well as her words of advice for all of the women following in her footsteps.




This Women In Supply Chain™ feature was made possible by our sponsor, Emerge. As a company focused on empowering and growing meaningful supply chain relationships, Emerge is proud to sponsor Women In Supply Chain™. Through its freight procurement platform, Emerge offers solutions that enhance the spot and contract procurement process, enabling shippers and carriers to make more strategic decisions.




[07.36] Mardi’s background, and the journey that led her to a career in supply chain and customer experience.

“I was the receptionist to start… and then a month later, I was the customer service manager! And from that point, taking care of customers was my niche.”

[12.06] Mardi’s experience at Garrett Popcorn, her incredible accomplishments there and the power of learning on the job.

“I was in a little over my head – I was figuring it out as I went, making relationships, building trust… It was an adventure!”

[15.37] Mardi’s reflections on young people and supply chain, the balance between learning and experience and what the next generation of supply chain professionals bring to the table.

“There’s no right or wrong way to solve challenges in this industry.”

[18.07] Mardi’s role as Customer Success Manager at Emerge.

“Every day is different – I do love that about this job – I can come in and solve different problems… and there’s lots of disruptions going on, especially now.”

[19.58] A closer look at Emerge’s supportive culture and approach to diversity and inclusion.

[21.31] The importance of customer success, building strong relationships and how it differentiates you in the marketplace.

[24.16] The role of collaboration, how it ties business together and impacts the overall success of customer experience.

“Customers want to see that we’re, internally, collaborating and that their information isn’t getting lost in the shuffle.”

[26.50] Mardi’s experiences as a woman in a largely male-dominated industry.

“Ultimately, I think we teach people how to treat us – and I think hard work pays off.”

[29.20] Mardi’s thoughts on mentorship and the college professor that helped to launch her journey.

[30.50] What the future holds for Mardi.

[31.39] Mardi’s words of advice for all of the women out there.

“I would love to empower everyone, if I could, to have that big voice, to speak up – and don’t be worried about how you’re perceived as a result.”




You can connect with Mardi over on LinkedIn.

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Why not also head over to Debra Phillips’ (Marketing Manager at Emerge) blog to hear her thoughts on whether consumers are finally growing tired of supply chain shortages and rising costs.

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