253: Optimize and Automate Warehouse Operations, with Motion2AI

Today I’m joined by Motion2AI, an exciting and innovative tech company offering machine-learned solutions for warehouse mobility operations, covering monitoring, dispatch, safety, and autonomy integration.

Founded in 2018, Motion2AI is a fast-growing start-up providing intelligent solutions for warehouse efficiency and safety. It offers AI platforms for warehouse mobility fleets (such as forklifts, carts or robots) by providing services of safety, monitoring, optimization, and autonomy. And the ecosystem supports manned labor and robots seamlessly, providing practical and scalable solutions for warehouse operations.

Today Byungsoo Kim, Founder & CEO at Motion2AI, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the benefits to be found in harnessing the power of AI within operations; and the relationship between people and technology.




[07.00] Byungsoo’s background and how he came to found Motion2AI.

“Not every warehouse is taking advantage of that new technology and I’m happy that, with Motion2AI, I can support that.”

[09.00] Byungsoo’s experience as a start-up, and Motion2AI’s impressive growth in a short space of time.

“There’s no secret… we have good technology, and we’re working with excellent customers!”

[10.24] An overview of Motion2AI – what they do, and how they help their customers.

[12.19] The three core challenges that Motion2AI customers are currently facing in their warehouses.

“The size of these warehouses is a big challenge… so communicating and collaborating between those different units is a challenge, too.”

[13.52] A closer look at the four core products that make up Motion2AI’s MotionFMS Fleet Management Service, and why they all look to solve one key over-arching problem.

[20.19] The speed, ease and comparatively low cost of integration and implementation with the wireless Motion2AI systems.

[22.31] The importance of visibility.

“Visibility is really important for warehouse operation… especially in productivity and safety.”

[23.43] Byungsoo’s reflections on AI, from the relationship between people and technology – and how Motion2AI are pulling everything together – to a comparison between AI innovation and the Industrial Revolution.

“Our solution is saving their time… it’s automating many of those tedious tasks and helping the staff spend their time on more valuable tasks.”

[28.29] The ideal customer for Motion2AI.

[29.30] A glimpse into the time and cost savings customers can expect by working with Motion2AI.

[31.23] The future for Motion2AI.




Head over to Motion2AI’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Motion2AI and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Facebook, or you can connect with Byungsoo on LinkedIn.

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