246: Achieve Complete Command & Control For Your Supply Chain, with Overhaul

Today I’m joined by Overhaul, a fast-growing supply chain tech company that is on a mission to empower global supply chains with risk management for compliance, efficiency & transparency.

Founded in 2016, Overhaul is the industry’s first and only holistic, end-to-end solution that optimizes supply-chain visibility, integrity, and security for global enterprises. Its software-based approach offers high configurability and efficient time-to-value to supply chain organizations, without the heavy tech debt found with hardware-based providers. Overhaul has quickly grown to be a trusted provider for Fortune 100 companies moving freight globally across industries, such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, technology, logistics, and food and beverage.

Today Karin Stevens, General Manager at Overhaul, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; utilizing multimodal visibility in risk management; and the importance of digital supply chain transformation.




[07.01] Overhaul’s founder story: how, and why, the company began, and how it has evolved since its inception.

“Our software has been developed to provide real time visibility around what’s happening in your supply chain.”

[10.43] A broad look at Overhaul – what they do, and how they help their customers.

“For us, defining ourselves as a risk management organization is broader than just providing root visibility – it’s about providing actionable insights, and providing real time corrective response into the supply chain.”

[15.44] A closer look at risk management, why it’s so important, and how it connects to issues around compliance and insurance.

“Over the last 15 years we’ve seen about a 330% increase in verdicts ending in over 1 million dollars in litigation costs.”

[21.30] Overhaul’s implementation and integration process, and the role of data.

“The ability to integrate, but then also plug the gaps, is a key theme for our implementation process.”

[27.52] The realities of digital transformation, change management and the process of identifying core business problems.

[32.15] The ideal customer for Overhaul.

[35.00] Case studies: how Overhaul helped two key customers.

“It’s not just a one size fits all experience within our software. It’s something that’s connected and configured around the customers KPIs and what they care about.”

[42.56] The future for Overhaul, and for the logistics industry.




Head over to Overhaul’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Overhaul and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, or you can connect with Karin on LinkedIn.

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