241: Ship Faster and Reduce Your Freight’s Carbon Footprint, with Flock Freight

Today I’m joined by Flock Freight, a Certified B Corp that’s reinventing the supply chain by relentlessly eliminating waste and inefficiency.

Flock Freight is a sustainability-focused technology company, aiming to reinvent North America’s freight market. As the first firm in the industry to build algorithms that pool shipments at scale, deliver freight with carbon neutral shared truckload service and to earn a B Corporation certification, their goal is to eliminate freight waste and inefficiency and, ultimately, create a positive impact on our people and planet.

Today Melina Fairleigh, Senior Vice President of People at Flock Freight, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; utilizing shared truckload to meet your sustainability goals; and why it’s so important to put a focus on people.




[06.45] An introduction to Flock Freight – what they do, and how they help their customers.

“We’re taking carriers and customers and connecting them in a way that benefits both sides of the equation.”

[08.50] How Melina’s career experience prepared her for her current role at Flock Freight.

“I’ve focused my career on finding, hiring and training a really customer-centric employee population.”

[11.58] Shared truckload: what it means, how it’s different and its benefits.

[14.24] The typical customer response to shared truckload, and the importance of ongoing education.

[15.48] A closer look at the Flock platform from a carrier perspective.

“When a carrier signs onto the platform, they can access the loads that match their capacity, equipment and lane preferences… The Flock platform is the only place that carriers can self-serve book shared truckloads online.”

[17.43] Integration, and why high levels of connectivity and shared data, without huge investment in tech, is changing the game in logistics.

“The best technology is the technology that makes life easier, not more complicated!”

[20.14] Sustainability, and how Flock Freight offer a carbon neutral service.

[23.28] How Flock Freight’s commitment to sustainability translates into helping their customers to meet their own sustainability targets.

“One of the best ways for organizations to become more sustainable is to partner with companies that are also seeking to do the same.”

[25.34] Flock Freight’s B Corp certification – what it means, how you get certified and why it’s so important.

“… it’s businesses that are invested in people and planet, as well as profit – altogether, not at the expense of one another.”

[28.04] The ideal customer for Flock Freight.

[32.53] A case study, showing how the Flock Freight platform helped a key customer to reduce emissions by 48% and save 1.2 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

[35.47] What the future holds for Flock Freight, and for the logistics industry as we continue to navigate COVID disruption.





Head over to Flock Freight’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Flock Freight and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or you can connect with Melina on LinkedIn.

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