233: Discover the Future of Freight Forwarding, with Shifl

Today I’m joined by Shifl, a dynamic software company who are reimagining freight forwarding, by bringing you one piece of software that coordinates your entire global supply chain.

Shifl is dedicated to bringing an outdated industry into the 21st century, with its one-stop platform designed to bring efficiency, creativity and connectivity to shipping. Founded in 2019, Shifl already has offices in China, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Georgia.

Today Shabsie Levy, founder and CEO at Shifl, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the importance of collaboration and visibility in supply chain; and the future of freight forwarding.




[07.13] The journey that led Shabsie to found Shifl in 2019.

“I was really into programming and software… and so, with my eyes, looking at the industry the way it was, every step of the way I was able to see an opportunity.”

[09.25] A closer look at the Shifl platform – what it does and how it helps its customers.

“We started it, from the ground up, based on our imagination of how this industry could look in a few years from now.”

[18.34] Shipping costs, the impact of rate changes during COVID disruption and how Shifl supports its customers.

[24.34] The technical and collaborative sides of integrating the Shifl platform into your systems.

“Logistics is a puzzle – there are so many parties involved and, traditionally, the industry isn’t used to having those integrations.”

[30.56] How Shifl caters to both smaller and larger customers, but why their approach is always the same.

“As much as we’re going to be automating and progressing into the digital age, in our industry, that personal touch is critical.”

[35.10] How customers can benefit from using the Shifl platform.

[39.29] The future for Shifl.




Head over to Shifl’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Shifl and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Shabsie on LinkedIn.

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