232: When Things Are Tough, Get Back to Basics, with Brian Glick

Today’s episode is a little different to usual. Instead of putting the spotlight onto an industry brand, I’m joined by special guest Brian Glick, founder and CEO at Chain.io and good friend, to talk about a timely topic in supply chain.

We talk all about what to do when times get tough in supply chain, just like they are right now! We discuss the importance of data; the power of collaboration; and why you should be putting more focus on sustainability in your business. Plus, Brian shares his insights on getting back to basics, refocusing on process and remembering that being good at execution is a core competence that can set you apart from the competition.



[07.04] Reflections on 2021.

“We’ve all learned that there are no simple solutions to singular problems in supply chain.”

[11.00] Despite disruption, why now is the right time to get back to basics with our businesses.

“You can’t sprint a marathon, and you can only sustain the bad or broken business processes for so long before you’re just going to collapse.”

[15.12] How we can start to identify the quick wins within our businesses – key areas to simplify and optimize that will make a big difference.

“There are low hanging fruit. The thing I like about document automation, for example, is that you don’t have to get your extended supply chain to come along on the journey with you.”

[17.21] The importance of data and making the most of data partners and tools.

“You don’t have to do it all yourself anymore.”

[23.32] Sustainability in business and supply chain, and why it integrates more easily than you might think.

[28.18] The power of collaboration and connectivity; plus how, and why, Brian created a collaborative ethos at his business, Chain.io.

“Opening up and elevating your conversations to everyone who’s in your value network and exposing them to data… creates opportunity that you didn’t even think about.”

[36.48] The future for supply chain.

“We need to settle into the fact that we don’t live in the same world we lived in five years ago.”

[39.23] Final words of encouragement for how can we all not just survive, but thrive, during and after this period of disruption.




Head over to Chain.io’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Chain.io and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter, or you can connect with Brian on LinkedIn.

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