230: Make smart, data-powered shipping decisions, with Sifted

Today I’m joined by Caleb Nelson a leader at Sifted, a leading software platform that is using logistics intelligence to bring your business data-powered insights – so you can make smarter shipping decisions.

Sifted is the number one logistics data-science platform that empowers shippers to make smart, data-powered business decisions, and ultimately save money. Originally founded in 2005, Sifted merged with VeriShip in 2020, and the combination created a new model for managing transportation spend — one that brings together the power of self-service technology and transportation data science to help shippers navigate an increasingly complex shipping environment.



[06.25] An overview of what Sifted does, and how it helps its customers.

“It’s a very cool model, and it’s unique… shippers are looking for ways to be more nimble and make smarter decisions.”

[08.07] An explanation of Logistics Intelligence and the role it plays in the Sifted platform.

“Shippers are overwhelmed with data, but they’re stuck in Excel hell!”

[10.21] A closer look at Sifted’s core solutions, what do they do and the challenges they address for customers.

“A lot of customers focus externally when they can be making more cost-saving adjustments internally by focusing on what’s happening in the four corners of their own business – and it’s all in the data.”

[15.40] The Sifted Score – how it works, and the benefits of addressing a business’s overall shipping health.

[23.39] Why the merger between Sifted and VeriShip came about, and how it’s boosted the company’s overall offering.

“It’s the perfect marriage between personnel and technology, with a client base that absolutely needs it.”

[26.01] The current state of shipping, and how disruptions like COVID have impacted logistics digitization.shipp

“One thing that is consistent in transportation is change.”

[31.55] What the next year or so will bring for the shipping industry.

[33.27] Sifted’s ideal customer.

[34.38] Client case study: how Sifted helped a key customer make $2.5 million in cost savings across their ‘undesirable’ shipments.

[38.01] The future for Sifted.



Head over to Sifted’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Sifted and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, or you can connect with Caleb on LinkedIn.

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