209: Revolutionize how you upskill your teams, with Skill Dynamics

Today I’m pleased to be joined by Skill Dynamics, an exciting and people-focused company on a mission to provide high impact digital training programs that upskill and effectively prepare corporate employees for everything required to excel in their role.

Skill Dynamics offers expert, practical e-learning solutions for procurement and supply chain teams. Their real-world role-based programs, delivered with a customized and collaborative approach, have been rolled out to over 300,000 students to date. And with offices in the US, Europe, Middle East and China, and over 520 blue chip clients, they’re making a real impact on core training worldwide.

Today David Rajakovich, CEO at Skill Dynamics, joins me to chat all about the company; what they do; the impact of the COVID crisis on staff training, procurement and ecommerce; and the power of digital.


[06.10] Exactly what Skill Dynamics does.

“We’re laser focused on raising the performance of corporate learners.”

[07.48] Skill Dynamics’ recent re-brand, and the power of good marketing.

[11.03] Role based learning – what it means, how it differs from more traditional styles of learning, and the benefits.

“We work closely with clients to determine which roles need to achieve higher or lower targeted competence levels across the spectrum of procurement and supply chain skills.”

[15.42] How Skill Dynamics work with their customers to develop the best learning solutions.

[18.14] David’s background in the army, how it informed his career and helped him to create the original R&D department at Skill Dynamics.

“My time in the army taught me about leadership – and I would argue that leadership is a necessary pre-condition to delivering innovation.”

[21.24] Why Skill Dynamics chose to focus on online training right from the company’s inception back in 2011.

“From early on, we knew that the quality of classroom training is highly variable.”

[24.49] COVID, and its impact on corporate training.

“Given the disruption we’ve seen from COVID, Brexit and other trends, procurement and supply chain are squarely in the corporate spotlight – and those that have high performing teams… will gain a strategic advantage.”

[26.41] Key industry challenges and trends.

“The big trends around supply chain are risk and resilience.”

[31.07] Skill Dynamics’ ideal client.

[34.40] A customer case study: how Skill Dynamics deliver ongoing strategic value for a core client.

[39.37] The future for Skill Dynamics.



Head over to Skill Dynamic’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Skill Dynamics and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Twitter, or you can connect with David on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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