203: Create smarter fulfilment networks, with Ware2Go

Today I’m thrilled to be joined by Ware2Go, a dynamic company who are changing the landscape of warehousing, fulfilment, and supply chain, by connecting businesses of all sizes to enterprise-grade capabilities and assets that help them compete on previously impossible levels.

Ware2Go offers a nationwide network of certified warehouses and technology to streamline fulfilment across sales channels for a fully scalable and on-demand solution, making 1-2 day delivery easy and affordable for everyone.

Today Steve Denton, CEO at Ware2Go, joins me to chat all about Ware2Go, what they do, how customer buying habits are driving innovation in the industry and the future of integrated, flexible and data-driven supply chains.


[06.00] Steve talks about his incredible journey through the industry, incorporating marketing, ecommerce and supply chain, and how he came to Ware2Go.

“I spent 20 years helping companies sell their products online, and the first half of my career helping them to distribute them… so the Ware2Go opportunity was a fascinating place to bring together my entire career.”

[11.03] A closer look at Ware2Go, and how they help their customers.

“Similar to Uber or Airbnb, we connect merchants who have products to sell with a network of warehouses and stitch them all together with one common technology platform.”

[13.14] Steve reflects on the new trend of micro warehousing.

[15.02] The easy process of working with Ware2Go.

[16.26] The importance of flexibility, and how customers can use Ware2Go’s footprint to flex their own offering.

“The labor pool is probably the more difficult thing to manage than the capacity.”

[21.54] How supply chain disruption, forecasting issues and a shift from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’ are impacting Ware2Go and their customers.

[26.11] The rise of ecommerce, changing customer buying habits and high expectations, and their impact.

“If you can meet those demands of transparency, delivery speed, reliability and easy returns… you’re going to position yourself to win.”

[29.37] Ware2Go’s ideal client.

[32.12] Steve presents case studies of how Ware2Go helped two key customers pivot at critical times for their businesses.

[37.16] Steve’s predictions for what the next few years might bring for warehousing, fulfilment and supply chain.

[41.35] The future for Ware2Go.

“Ultimately, we want to level the playing field so that merchants of all sizes can compete, and win, in the world of commerce.”



Head over to Ware2Go’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Ware2Go and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Twitter, or you can connect with Stephen on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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