198: Unlock the untapped potential of a connected workforce, with ProGlove

Today I’m really excited to be joined by ProGlove, an innovative German engineering company who are bringing award-winning wearable technology to industry. Combining precision engineering and big data analytics with a focus on the human worker, their technology is reducing costs, redefining efficiency and improving health and safety.

ProGlove takes a truly human-centric approach to innovation, shaping the future of smart wearables for industry 4.0. From picking and inventory management through to packing and track and trace, ProGlove technology allows your business to ensure accuracy, speed and safety at every point of a products journey. And, gives you the visibility and data you need to accelerate your supply chain, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Today Ilhan Kolko, Chief Product Officer at ProGlove, joins me to chat all about ProGlove, what they do, their refreshing person-led approach and the future of IoT technology.



[06.40] How and why ProGlove was founded, and the fascinating journey to where it is now.

[08.28] A closer look at ProGlove, what it does and how it helps its customers.

[10.29] Wearable vs traditional technology, and the benefit of ProGlove solutions.

“We anonymise the data as soon as it leaves the worker, so it’s now about the process, not about the worker.”

[13.36] What the ProGlove device looks like, how it’s tested and a brief history of wearable technologies.

“We balance the user delight, the technical side and the ruggedness and durability of the product.”

[18.34] ProGlove’s integrated technology and how it brings connectivity, visibility and analytics together to improve workflow.

“The promise of making this a human-centered, user-friendly product led us to the path of building connectivity software around it.”

[23.42] The process of integrating ProGlove technology into your business, and the commitment that comes along with it.

[25.01] ProGlove’s unique approach to combining people and technology.

“It’s not a competition – it’s a collaboration.”

[28.08] How ProGlove’s human-centric approach translates to their own workforce.

[30.46] A closer look at ProGlove’s ideal customer.

[32.12] A real-life example of how ProGlove’s technology helps its customers.

“With a handheld scanner, it takes at least 6 seconds to scan an item; now imagine you’re scanning a thousand parts per shift.”

[36.58] What the future might hold for wearable technology, and for ProGlove.



Head over to ProGlove’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with ProGlove and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, or you can connect with Ilhan.

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