190: Eliminate Guesswork and Optimize your Sales, with Demand Driven Technologies

Today I’m delighted to welcome Demand Driven Technologies, the premier provider of next generation materials, inventory and production control planning and execution applications for the new demand driven world.

Demand Driven Technologies is the first and most widely used enterprise-class Demand Driven MRP Supply Chain Planning Software, that provides superior materials, inventory, production scheduling and execution technology. Working across the automotive, healthcare and food and beverage industries, they’re growing quickly and even expanded into Europe last year, despite the huge challenges of the global pandemic.

Today Brad Mitchler, VP of Partners and Products at Demand Driven Technologies, joins me to chat all about what Demand Driven do, visibility and consumer demand in supply chain, the impact of e-commerce and what the future is going to bring for demand driven supply chains.



[06.25] An overview of Demand Driven Technologies (DDTech).

[08.42] The difference between demand driven supply chain and traditional supply chain.

“The traditional way has worked fairly well, but we’re in a different place today – we demand a lot more product variety, speed to market, and there are shorter customer tolerance times.”

[11.05] How companies can move from a traditional forecasting model to a demand driven approach, and how DDTech’s solutions can facilitate that.

[14.02] The lessons COVID has taught us, and the importance of resiliency and agility.

“Now is a more important time than ever to have an approach to planning your supply chain that is fluid, dynamic and resilient.”

[19.23] Brad’s thoughts on visibility – what it means and why it’s so important.

“Often the more mature the supply chain is, the less visibility they have. So being able to present a single source of truth is a real unsung benefit of the demand driven application.”

[23.33] A key customer success story.

“They got through COVID and maintained a 96% service level by leveraging our software.”

[29.26] An overview of DDTech’s existing, and ideal, clients.

[31.28] Brad’s reflections on the future for the market.

“All signs point to further growth.”

[33.57] The future for DDTech.



Head over to Demand Driven Technologies’ website to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

Connect with Brad on LinkedIn, or follow DDTech over on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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